What Are Your Plans For Mother’s Day Weekend?!

This Mother’s Day Weekend will be the warmest weekend so far this year. We hope you’re just as excited about that as we are! With Mother’s Day here on Sunday, it’s sure to be a fun family weekend!

Ryan and I usually take one weekend away from the kids every other month, but our support person volunteered for this weekend so we jumped at the chance to get away! Normally this weekend is spent planting our garden and buying as many flowers and plants that we can afford.🤪

Gardening will have to wait though, as we will be heading north at 4pm tomorrow toward Mt Hood with our doggies and tent trailer in tow. Our reservations are waiting for us at Mt Hood Village Rv Resort.A324ED96-AB18-45BC-ABFB-843B3C63345C

We have never been to this Encore Park, so we are excited to check it out! Have you been here? I’d love to hear your experience. They have zip lines and alpine slides that I’m told are up at Mt Hood Resort. Sounds exciting to me! Would you ride an alpine slide or zip line? We’re going to check it all out and see how brave we are. 😬I’m not even certain it’s all in season yet,  but we will find out! It was a below average snowpack so I’d say chances are good.9AEB8B97-B741-46E9-8140-2FB735B4300E

Whether your going camping or staying home I’d love to hear how you will be spending your Mother’s Day Weekend. I prefer to think of it more as Mother’s Week than Mother’s Day. 😎

As much as I’d love to see my adult children, they are both super busy as young adults tend to be. So I’ve found that if I can just keep myself busy, this seems to help my emotional state. 😕

I am thinking about our packing list tonight, and having everything ready for hitting the road tomorrow and also about my mom and how I will show my love when we get together Sunday evening…

Sipping my glass of wine tonight, smiling at Friday, on the way…. 🍷Enjoy your evening bloggers!

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  1. My Mother’s day is going to be spent in silent solitude. It is T’s weekend with his dad. The Ex wanted to know if I was wating T on Saturday. I said no thank you my mother’s day present is me time. (And I do work Saturday) 😂😂😂

  2. I can’t tell you exactly what my plans are. I’ve only been told that all four daughters plan to be here (but I will wait to see if that really happens) Saturday around 5 pm and I don’t have to cook. It seems our weather has taken a step backwards so our activities will be indoors. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

    • Wow, that would be a special day. I can’t imagine having all my kids together again. 😊🤞🏻crossing my fingers that really happens for you!

  3. We plan on hiking at Afton State Park in Minnesota. If you’ve never been camping in Minnesota I highly recommend it. They have some of the nicest campgrounds in all sorts of different terrain: in the north we have Lake Superior, on the border of Canada the boundary waters, prairie in the west, hardwood forests in the south. A guaranteed good time 😄

    • Wow! No I haven’t, but my family on my mom’s side is from Duluth. I would love to travel to Minnesota! Thank you for commenting.. and following our blog! ☀️ I will look up Afton St Park after work!

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