We Made It To Camp At Mt Hood Village

We finished our week of daycare at about 4 pm and hit the highway hoping to start setting up camp by 7 pm. As soon as we got on the freeway it was at a stand still. There must of been an accident, although we never saw one. It took us an hour just to leave Eugene.

We still managed to get to camp and get all set up in our site, with a beer in hand before 8 pm. The first thing that I noticed about this park that is different than the Thousand Trails parks I am accustomed to staying at is, you don’t get to pick your site. This for us was a bit of a bummer as I am sure we were the only camper in the entire campground that doesn’t have a bathroom.E1675B37-859D-48FA-B9D4-A92E0C65A308

Our little tent trailer stands out just a bit, amongst the Denali’s, 4 slide out motor homes, and huge Montana 5th wheels. lol People must look at us funny and wonder if we really belong here.

Saturday morning when we were at the lodge taking showers, Ryan was waiting for me to come out and a maintenance guy actually asked him if he belonged in here and asked to see his membership card! WOW! We laughed about this later, It could have been maybe the pony tail, the checkered vans, or possibly the beard. He does resemble a boondocking hippie!

I am glad we splurged on a new port-potty since it is quite a walk in the dark to the bathroom from our site. Well worth the $89 at Bimart! haha

Overall I am impressed with this campground/rv park. They have a lot of sites, lots of C9D34448-7CF9-4B59-8963-8FCFF0125603trees, and a decent swimming pool, lodge and exercise room! They even have a section of the park that has only tiny houses. Some entire loops here appeared to be leased sites as it looked like many campers lived here full-time.IMG_0002

Saturday morning before anything else we drove up to Timberline Lodge at Government Camp. We had breathtaking views of the valley, but stepping out of the car the wind hit you so fast. IMG_0003We didn’t stay long up there but it was amazing. The lodge reminded me of almost a castle on the inside. It was built in 1936 and some of the areas have been maintained to portray what the lodge was like 80 years ago.





View from Timberline Lodge 7 am

Saturday morning coffee was spent at Coffee Brewsters, and then for lunch we

found this really eclectic, funky, place called Skyways. Ryan and I weren’t sure what to think of the place at first, they have lots of different decor that made the place really busy looking. I think this is a place you either love it or hate it! The pictures don’t quite show you how busy the decor is.


Lunch for a couple of vegans was a success! They have a bbq tofu sandwich and a vegan burger that looked exactly like beef! If you are in the area this is a great bbq stop, good beer and great food!

Saturday afternoon we stayed at camp and burned through about $40 worth of firewood.  It was really relaxing, I finished my Practical Magic book and started in on The Woman In The Window. The weather was just right, probably got up to 65 or 70.

Now it is Sunday morning, Mother’s Day, and we are having coffee at Prairie Mountain Roasters. I am missing my boys but not quite ready to go home yet. I’d love to spend another night here and try a few more restaurants in the area.

As for Mother’s Day, Im not really a fan. It is not exactly an inclusive holiday and not everyone gets recognition that is deserved all throughout the year. For me it is hard to go half the year without spending much time with my boys only to have a visit on Mother’s Day, filling an obligation? Ive never been good with those situations.

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, those days should really be celebrated by the day to day stuff, spent sharing your lives with each other. That is in part why Ryan and I went camping this weekend, to just keep busy and to avoid those moments.

That is my advice for Mother’s Day, and whatever the holiday may be that you struggle with. Find what you enjoy doing, try not to dwell on how you wish things were, and make the best of your time here. None of us know when it could be our last day. Go have some fun!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers, and thanks for reading everyone!

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