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Yesterday was a somewhat difficult Mother’s Day for me after getting home from our fun weekend away. My 8 and 10 year old were extra bratty, and I never saw my adult boys. I  did however get two visits that were very pleasant for me.

My parents came by later in the evening after they got back from their coast trip for a glass of wine. We exchanged gifts for each other and sat in our little patio area for nice little visit, discussing the upcoming weekend’s camping trip.

Earlier in the day my younger brother stopped by and wished me Happy Mother’s Day. This was a really unexpected visit from him and really cheered me up. I don’t get to spend much time with him as we just lead really different lives, but he is practically the only family I have besides my parents and nephew.

Sometimes I struggle with holidays and a lot of it is in my own head for how I think it should be. My childhood was filled with lots of family and we were always together celebrating life whenever we had the chance. So I think that sets me up to be a little disappointed when holidays here are so quiet.

Do you ever feel this way during the holidays? Do you put unrealistic expectations on important days? I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday and a great start to this week! Thanks for reading.




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  1. I understand how you feel all too well. My family is all 7 hours away and with my current situation traveling down there is only possibly on rare occasions. I have a large family so holidays used to always be big events. They all went fishing yesterday and had a BBQ! I’m always happy they celebrate and I can call them but I also feel melancholic that I can’t be a part of it. My fiancé’s Family celebrates but not nearly as much. We just had his mom and Grandma over for a pizza lunch. It was nice but it wasn’t the grand celebration with the whole family I would have liked. It’s hard when you’re used to large family gatherings to adapt to smaller, quieter celebrations.

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    • I’m sorry 😐 to hear that. Like you posted the other day, holidays are just hard sometimes, even when you try to avoid those negative feelings with keeping busy.
      My 21 yr old son lives 5 miles from me and I haven’t seen him for weeks. 😳
      today is a new week, a new day!! Yippee Mother’s Day is over! Haha

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      • 😊 I bet that will be nice! I never liked knowing my son was so far away when he was in the navy on the east coast. Even though I haven’t seen him in a year, I still feel better knowing he is just 5 hours away instead of across the country. ☀️

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  2. I work outside my home at a full time job that doesn’t really let me be “mom” so much. I’m lucky to have a husband who works from home, we always joke that he is the mom, he cooks, cleans and picks up the kids way more then I do. Because of this I just wanted a family day together. I told them all I want is to just hang out as a family, and we did just that, it was a great day!

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    • I am sorry…Mother’s Day is a hard one. Ryan lost his mom when he was young and I didn’t see either of my adult children. I know Ryan’s mom was on his mind, as were my absent children.
      It sounds lovely that your daughters all showed up. I can’t imagine that happening with all our children.
      Thank you for sharing that with me… 😊

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      • The holidays can cause emotional turmoil for so many people. Like you mentioned there is often disappointment when expectations are not met and the way the media and retail industry promotes the ideals often adds to the let down.
        Our family holidays which use to include my parents, aunts, and sisters and their families have really changed since my mom passed away in 2011. I can certainly understand you wanting it to be over.

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      • It really helps me to hear that from you. 🙏My family used to be like you describe too! Aunts and uncles, parents, siblings all celebrating life at every holiday. It’s just not that way anymore, and it makes me feel guilty for being disappointed in the day.
        At least it’s past, and we’ve survived it! Yay for Monday! Haha.

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    • Me too! I’m trying to focus on this quote today… 😁as I’m a bit irritated with my adult children after Mother’s Day. 🙏thanks for checking it out!


      • 🙂 I’d probably be like your adult kids *hiding. I guess you’re lucky I’m my mum’s kid, and not yours.
        Seriously though, I can only let something go once I’ve actually let myself be frustrated.
        You’re a special mum, even if they weren’t there *hug

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      • Thank you. 😊I know there just being bratty adult kids. But it hurts just the same. I’m trying to switch gears and focus On planting my garden! ☀️


  3. T is with his dad on Mother’s day although I have the choice of having him or not. However yesterday my new tradition I started was to take myself for a walk and just be. Let my thoughts meander around or grind to a halt and appreciate my surroundings. Christmas day I have him for the morning and the Ex has him the afternoon into Boxing Day. I am fine with this as I flake out on the couch and read, enjoying my peace and quiet. Often I buy myself an Amazon gift card and splurge on books that I want. 🙂

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