Spending The Afternoon Out With My Son At Barnes & Noble

Ryan, Joey and I

5VEML%ujRKqSsEUfzRbRoQSometimes working from home I can find myself almost to the end of the week and I haven’t even left the house yet. Pretty boring at times! 

I tend to focus on our daycare, homeschooling and housework so much during the day running around from one activity to the next, that by the time we are off work I am just so spent that Ryan and I will just relax for the rest of the evening, and before I know it, it’s Friday.

Joey and Ryan get out more than that. Ryan is great at getting all our errands done, during the week, he will even do the grocery shopping and Joey will play with friends at the park and go on bike rides.

Trip to the Bookstore

Today is a sort of a special day! Joey(my 10 year old) worked exceptionally hard on hisIMG_1977 homeschooling this morning, so were celebrating in a small way! Ryan is running our daycare this afternoon so Joey and I are sitting at Barnes & Noble with a yummy snack and drink.

We’ve snooped around a bit, and he is now settling in to play a bit of FortNite while I write our blog and read more of the Woman in the Window in a corner of the cafe.

 He hasn’t played a computer game in over a week so it is a big deal for him, and for me I joke that when I do get out of the house, its like my Big Day Out in the City! haha I love being home, but sitting at a park or in the bookstore away from the busyness of home for a few hours feels so nice!

Looking around, it really surprises me how many people are in the bookstore at 2pm on a Thursday. Doesn’t anybody work!?

It was a toss up for us whether to go to the bookstore or the downtown library. I’m reading an overdue library book and since I have no intention of returning it today, bookstore it is!

Ive heard from other book bloggers that some of the Barnes & Nobles have been IMG_1978
phasing out of their comfy chairs. So far that hasn’t happened here in Eugene, but I am so ready to pitch a fit if it does!

Weekend Plans

Once the workday has passed, it is basically the weekend, or Friday at least, same thing! YAY! Tonight and tomorrow will be spent packing and waiting on 2 pm to head to Florence for a Rhododendron Festival! The trip to Florence is fairly painless compared to last weekend’s trip(3 hours), just an hour from home. We are staying in our tent trailer at the South Jetty, Thousand Trails. My parents are already there waiting for us. I’m starting to get excited!

How are your weekend plans shaping up? I hope you’re all having a quick and painless week! Its time for Joey and I to head back home. 🙂

Have a great night bloggers!

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  1. Escaping to a book store for a couple of ours sounds soooo good.
    I laughed out loud at your reason for avoiding the library. I’d do the same. 😉

  2. Wow, I love the sound of the Rhodedendron festival. I didnt know what it was, so googled it! Wish we had something like that, it looks amazing. I look forward to your blog about that!

  3. Libraries are fantastic. I save so much money, and with limited space in my home, it’s especially nice to checkout books instead of buying them.

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