Kombucha Is Ready To Bottle!

As a follow up post to making kombucha, I have a batch ready to bottle now! I have let it sit in a warm location for a few weeks and the scoby has grown to fit the top of the gallon jug.

I slowly pour the kombucha into each bottle with a funnel trying not to pour out any of the scoby. If you save the scoby you can use it to make several batches.


Once you have the batch bottled and ready to go, I pop em in the fridge and wait for them to chill. I try to pour the scoby into a ziplock bag until I’m ready to make another batch.


It makes about 6 bottles of kombucha and it’s a fun project to do at home! If you drink kombucha regularly you’ll know it’s way cheaper to make it this way especially if you reuse your scoby!

I didn’t know when I started this batch that I was going to ditch my soda fix, but I’m so glad I have this to drink. I also have some sun tea on the front porch this morning! I’m really craving the fizz of my soda!🥤

It’ll be one week tomorrow soda free! Woo woo! 😄 What are your cravings or vices to keep you going? Soda definitely is my pal on a Monday..🤪

Have a great night bloggers!




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