Rhody Festival on the Oregon Coast

One of the oldest festivals in Oregon, the Rhododendron Festival in Florence Oregon brings in a big crowd! The town is rumbling with Harley’s and classic cars everywhere you look.

We left home at 2 pm and headed west to Florence and the South Jetty, Thousand Trails rYZY0GjMSPiCBxp95DafCwCampground. This campground is undergoing lots of improvements and we were really happy to see that. The pool and hot tub was still closed but it looked like it was just about ready to go.

My parents were already camping here so we made our way through the campground to the spot they tried to save for us.

We had great campsite and some great campfires, and unfortunately I came home with some really great mosquito bites that are still driving me crazy!

Friday night we had a little salamander crawl through our camp that the kids and I had fun watching. Other than that we didn’t see any wildlife this trip.

The boys made friends with some boys camped next to us which kept everyone entertained pretty well. They stayed out late and got dirty. At the end of the weekend they exchanged emails and phone numbers so they can keep in touch. Reminded me of some of my camping trips when I was a kid.

This is Ryan and I sitting by the campfire with my parents. We haven’t been camping with my parents since last fall, it was really nice sitting by the campfire with them again. We will be with them at this same campground next weekend for Memorial Weekend too!

From our campground, during the day you can hear all kinds of ATVs as we are rightSByw0tSKQdKkrlecT23HCw next to the sand dunes. We always will drive down to their staging area and park for a while to try to catch them racing up the dunes. Sometimes it can be really entertaining, but this stop was fairly uneventful.

The Rhody Festival is like most festivals in sleepy towns, there is a 5k run, parade, carnival and a few different contests. What makes the Rhody Festival unique to the Oregon Coast is definitely motorcycles and all the classic cars. There are almost more motorcycles in town than any other type of vehicle.

Saturday we walked through town, people watching and checking out all the motorcycles. We had lunch outside at our favorite restaurant in Florence, Homegrown. If you haven’t read my love for their Hippie Elitist Burger here is that link, it is amazing!


I am usually NOT a fan of carnivals or fairs but I had decided the boys could go on a few rides and play a few midway games. After spending the money I realized why I hate them so much. It was such a rip off! 

The kids wanted to throw the darts at the balloons hanging on the wall. 3 darts for 5

tickets, and the tickets were a dollar a ticket! I must sound like an cheap old lady, but it was ridiculous! I let the boys each ride 3 kiddie rides and play 2 midway games and we spent $50!

Sunday we went back and forth as to whether we should stay for the parade. We ultimately decided to just head on home and beat the traffic on the highway.


This photo from the south side of the river shows the minus tide we had on Saturday morning. The carnival is right along the waterfront and makes for a great location for a celebration.

The waves never cooperated with Ryan’s desire to go surfing, he is hoping for some bigger waves next weekend! We hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did! Have a great Monday!

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