Top Ten Tuesday-10 Things We Want In Our Next RV

Upgrading Your RV

I heard from a salesman once that during the life of being a camper, most couples will upgrade their RV 7 times. Whether there is any truth to this, I have no clue. It seemed like a fun little fact to think about though. I’d like to think it is, and wonder what my next RV will be after this purchase coming up.

As it is right now I am on my 4th RV. None of them were very fancy


“overpriced dream trailer”

or expensive. All sort of reflected my life situation at the time. I just made camping a priority one way or another.

I have had 3 tent trailers and one travel trailer. The tent trailer for me has been so easy to travel and when life has been a bit rough, easy to buy.  One of my tent trailers was a 1979! Boy was it sweet camper for being almost as old as I am!


1979 Rockwood. 🧐

But I am not in my 20’s anymore, and I need a few more comforts than I did 20+ years ago. How soon it will happen depends on what the bank thinks.. lol

Deciding on the right layout and type of RV was harder than I thought it would be. There are so many options now and floorpans4699C300-5840-4BEE-9B91-88BBA9740C54 and slide outs! But ultimately the two biggest deciding factors are, what our tow vehicle could pull and what we could afford! Or at least what the bank thinks we can afford…

So here is my top 10 list for the perfect Cole RV…

  1. Not too long. I know this may seem kind of strange for some RVers because I see monster RVs going down the highway all the time. I want to maintain our stress free(as stress free as possible with two boys) camping feel. I get anxiety if I am worrying about traveling and backing into a site and are we going to clear this corner or is Ryan going to hit something! So ideally nothing more than 24 ft.
  2. Not too expensive. If all my money is going to the payment we won’t be able to take it anywhere or take time off from work. So ideally the price for us needed to be under $25,000.
  3. We needed separation from the boys at night. When we are on a week or 2 week trip, I begin to miss our privacy. So a bit of privacy is a must for mom and dad!
  4. One slide out dinette or sofa. I don’t need a huge slide out but if your camping for 10 days in the rain or 100 degrees your going to spend a good deal of time together in the RV and that slide out is a life saver.
  5. Between 5th wheels, motorhomes, travel trailers, tent trailers what really made the most sense for our next upgrade was a hybrid trailer. A smaller trailer with a vinyl bed at each end that is similar to a tent trailer.
  6. AC. When we spend our 2 week trip every summer in Sunriver and its in the 90’s. Sleeping in a tent or tent trailer without AC, its really a bummer!
  7. Our Yukon can’t pull much as it is the smaller motor so we wanted it to weigh less than 5000 lb.
  8. Ryan needs his bluetooth stereo with outdoor speakers so he can boogie around the campsite.
  9. A bed with a thicker mattress than my tent trailer. This isn’t saying much as I feel as if I have been sleeping on a pile of rocks with a memory foam pad over it. I am ok with the pop out beds, as long as the mattress is newer and softer than what we have now.
  10. And the 10th thing that I am really excited to upgrade from our tent trailer is the fridge. Our tent trailer doesn’t even have enough space to hold Ryan’s beer let alone anything else. I know a decent size fridge is pretty standard in a bigger trailer, but we did consider upgrading to possibly another tent trailer. So this was a factor for us.

2003 Bayside Elite 

What makes your list of RV must-haves?

I’d love to hear what are the deciding factors for your family? What type of RV do you travel in? Do you find one type over another easier to pull? If you travel in a motorhome do you use a pull vehicle? Have you ever sideswiped something in a parking lot or campground? I’d LOVE to hear about it!

Last summer in Pacific City, Ryan did knock down the entrance gate as it closed while we were going through it! hahaha So now we all hold our breathe each time we enter a park! He’s managed to avoid any gate mishaps since, but we will never let him forget.😜

Happy Camping Bloggers! We are deciding on this new RV today, hope we choose wisely. Thanks for reading..

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      • Suze is caught between an RV and a yurt and we decided that we would go for a joint RV and two single yurts side by side! The Aspergian one and the non!

        Her only fears are based on those funny films with the late Robin Williams RV a classic in its own right and We’re The Millers and that’s only because l can be difficult as a traveller lol!

        But once we have made our fortune, we will be RVing! But l can relate to the dilemna 🙂

  1. I believe the salesman – it’s like buying a house – you never get it right the first time. We are in a 41 foot motor home and it has all the luxuries of home, but we’re thinking something smaller with less conveniences would serve too. I’ll have to start drawing up my list.

    • Ya, that makes sense, plus over time your needs change too. I can see how when my boys are older we won’t need so many beds. Thanks for your thoughts!☀️

  2. My brother has upgraded 6 times and he “camps” once or twice a year…I don’t count it camping when you bring a satellite tv…lol. As for me, I have upgraded my tent and pack 4 times in the last 25 years. I will probably be that old lady on the trail with a small pack and a huge stick holding her up…lol.

    • Hahaha, that’s awesome! I have some physical ailments that keep me from sleeping on anything too hard, but that sounds pretty cool! ☀️I am probably more like your brother, except I camp about half the weekends each year. 😊

  3. I love the hybrid campers, however we were upgrading from a tent and the thought process was we would be able to leave the dogs in the camper for a couple hours while we attend a wedding or swim at the beach—therefore we needed a hard shell. The slide was also a must because of the floor space it would provide our three large dogs. My wife specifically wanted the real door separating the bedroom from the living space, however now we usually don’t close it because the only air conditioner is in the living space. I’m hoping this camper works for us as we are family planning. There is room for a pack and play, the couch pulls out. I always joke that the Grand Design Solitude 375RES will be the camper that we retire in and travel around the country, however that probably won’t happen. You really limit yourself where you can go if you have such a large camper.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Awesome! We considered the dog issue too, but usually the dogs go with us in the Yukon. Maybe our next tow vehicle can pull more and we will upgrade again… thank you sharing!
      I love hearing about other rvers and their RV decisions! ☀️

  4. We’re on our first camper and are already making lists of must-haves in the next one. My husband grew up with 5th wheels, I grew up with a tent and pop-up. We went with a 25′ travel trailer, because we do sometimes leave the dogs behind (and they’re big dogs) and I know my German Shepherd would destroy the canvas of a pop-up. Now I wish our travel trailer had a slide so can pass each other, and a A/C unit in the bedroom so we can close the door when we have friends/family with and stay cool. Since we upgraded from an SUV to a 3/4 ton truck, our options are wide open! I hope we don’t have 6 more upgrades to go.

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