Our Maiden Voyage

Our Crazy Week

This week has been so crazy busy for both Ryan and I, we are just now sitting in our trailer able to relax this morning and reflect on the week. I apologize to you all in the blogging community, as I haven’t read many blogs this week.

Last Sunday when we came home from camping at the Rhody Festival we weren’t planning on buying an RV when we went to Camping World. We knew this hybrid trailer was there and we wanted to go and walk through it.

Five days later and its following closely behind us as we head back to the beach.

The Purchase


When we had to do our walk through and sign they only do that up until 3 pm. So RyanIMG_2258 went with my dad while I stayed at home running our daycare-preschool. I really wanted to be there, but they got the job done!


The entire process took about 3 hours. Ryan and my dad were there from 3 on and I left work at 5 to sign and follow him home.

It’s funny how when you buy something new you try to account for that purchase. You can budget for it and you think you have things figured out but what you don’t plan for is all the little(or not so little) things that you will need to go with it.

We ended up getting the warranty, the anti-sway bar hitch, brake controls, mirror extenders, rugs for the trailer so the dogs wouldn’t scratch the floor, and one new outdoor rug. We are so spent on spending right now!!🤑

Unpacking Just To Be Packing Again

Another project I underestimated in the short turnaround from coming back into town on a Sunday is all the packing and unpacking. We unpacked Sunday, then a few days later we unloaded everything out of our tent trailer to trade it in. We had this huge pile of camping gear in our carport. It looked like we were moving! Then to load it all into our trailer Wednesday evening and also pack for vacation for Thursday! 🤯Exhausting!

This may have been something I could have pulled off with more ease in my 20’s, but I have been running on fumes the last few days. I think we must have both got about 20,000 steps!! 😅haha

It sounded really exciting at first, but mental note for the next RV upgrade, Don’t plan to leave town the very next day, its too stressful!

Towing It For the First Trip


Traveling day is always full of anxiety for me. I worry about being on the highway during busy travel times, I worry about backing into our site, and so after we pulled into our site I was so relieved.

For this trip I was extra anxious, worried about the trailer brakes being set right, or hoping the new hitch was hooked up correctly, and that our Yukon’s old motor was still able to pull the heavier RV. I feel like a worrying pro.

I wish I could turn all my anxiety off, especially now that we are here and it all went so well, but its just a part of me.

A Few Minor Issues


Anytime you buy something it seems like there are always bugs to work out or things that you didn’t realize would be an issue.

This is the weirdest part of our trailer so far. In the kitchen area, all of the plug-ins are under the above cabinet. This is really odd, because you have cords hanging down from the cupboard. There are no plug-ins along the back wall.

We will have to plug in some type of power strip that can eliminate this goofy set up. Our little coffee maker couldn’t even reach it. we needed leveling bricks! 😳

At Camp


This is such a learning experience for us. How do we get the hot water working, what do we do to make the freezer colder(my ice trays didn’t freeze overnight)? Just working out all the bugs. How to stow things so the trailer doesn’t look like we’ve been vandalized when we get to our destination? Stuff like that… 🤣

When it’s your first full size trailer it’s a lot of information to take in when you do the initial walk through. We probably retained half, but I’m sure we will be old pros by the end of summer.

Now that we’ve survived it all, I literally want to spend all day in our RV and just play house! I’m going to publish this and sit back and get caught up on all your blogs I’ve been missing this crazy week..

Thanks for reading my trailer babbling… I wish you all a relaxing and fun holiday weekend doing whatever you enjoy the most! 💕

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  1. Hi Lana,
    It is a busy time of year for us so I have also had a hard time keeping up on reading blogs. I hope you have a great (and relaxing) weekend.

  2. Congrats on your new camper! It’s beautiful! I have been mesmerized with wanting a camper for years, ever since I would go camping with my grandparents in theirs as a child. One day, I would love to have one too! I hope you have a wonderful trip and a great weekend!

    • Awe.. thank you for your comment! I hope you get one. That is how I started, is by camping with my grandparents too!! 🙂 Such special memories!!

  3. What fun! We’ve been looking at RVs lately – entertaining the idea of buying one. This one looks interesting. Can you tell me which model it is?

  4. Oh, how exciting! Our plugs are above too! It must be a safety issue because of where the electrical wires need to be run. So happy for you! If you have shelving above, do not store heavy items and especially glass in them. It is different in a trailer because you won’t be hit with flying debris if you are in an accident, but never the less, better to store everything at ground floor level. Happy camping and look forward to reading about your adventures!

    • 😊thank you! I hadn’t thought of that! Thanks for the tip. I was really surprised to find some cupboards open when we parked.
      I will have to get better organized with heavy stuff on the bottom shelves. One of the things that flew out of the cupboard was a syrup bottle. I am so thankful it didn’t break, what a nightmare that would have been!☀️

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