Update To Memorial Weekend

In my last post, I was whining about not having all my family with me this holiday weekend. Something I seem to be doing a lot lately, whining about family.🤔

A fellow blogger offered some wonderful advice and mentioned that family is funny like that- they seem to have a way of never living up to our expectations. 🙂 So true….

But a few hours after posting this morning, my brother and nephew have decided to come for the rest of the weekend! It is not everyone, but it is more family, which makes me happy! We played some cornhole which I discovered I am awful at, compared to the three of them, but was fun!

The boys all went down to the lodge at 1 for an ice-cream social where the park was giving a little member appreciation get together.344B9B2E-4467-42FE-8505-CDB7EF1F4848

At 4 all the kids in the camp set out to do a scavenger hunt. My kids are going to be exhausted and filthy by bedtime tonight, but they are having a blast!

This campground is really woodsy, which is really pretty but not a lot of sun gets in to our campsite, so today has been a bit chilly.

We have these powder packets for the fire to change the color of the 🔥 flames, I think it looks pretty neat, and the boys love it! IMG_9524

Earlier today Ryan and I went down to the beach to walk out along the jetty to look for some killer whales. Yesterday 4 Orcas were spotted going up the river aways. From the videos it looked like a mother and 3 calves. They went several miles up the river before turning back. We looked around for an hour, but only saw seals.

Time to go bundle up and sit by the fire some more… Have a relaxing evening everyone! 🙂

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