Trouble Shooting In The RV

No Heat!

It is Sunday Morning at 5 am, and we are freezing our buns off in the RV! We made it through the first few days on your first tank of propane. Ryan thought we knew what to do to switch tanks but it is not working yet. He has opened the other tank, switched to it and we flipped off the furnace breaker for a few minutes to allow it to reset… still nothing.


So we are sitting here at the table of our RV, me wrapped in blanket with my coffee and laptop and Ryan, in my pink reading glasses combing over all the manuals in our welcome bag and looking it up on youtube. Im assuming this is just the way it goes at first with a new RV.

The boys and doggies are piled into our bed with all our blankets like its freezing outside. Im sure its only about 50′ outside but when you were expecting comfort and warmth we didn’t dress up real warm at bedtime to be prepared for 45′ or 50′.

This RV life is really good for working the old brain over some of these issues. I told Ryan, after a few years of this, he will be a jack of all trades! 🙂


Its funny learning the lights in an RV, you have the button on the light directly, and also the switch on the wall that controls them. I suppose we both need to agree on which switch or button we are going to use, since as of now we have been fumbling with both of them trying to guess which one is going to turn on the light. I keep using the switch, and he keeps flipping the buttons. Ryan gets a little frustrated wondering how the heck to turn the light on! 😂

🍳Burners On The Stove

Our stove comes with two burners. One of them lights up great and the other does not. I am not sure if it just isn’t aligned right or the gas is pinched some how, but it may need to go back in the shop to get it to work. We still have yet to try to AC to be sure it works.

🛏The Beds

The boys seem to love their beds, but I’m not sure that says much since they can pretty much sleep anywhere. For me the mattress is an upgrade from our old tent trailer, for sure but I still will bring our memory foam. I definitely haven’t been waking up as achy as I did in our tent trailer, which is awesome! Some of those mornings I would wake up feeling like I was hit by a train!

I know if we would have opted for a regular travel trailer we could have had a nicer mattress with a bedroom. When our kids are older and not coming with us anymore, that will be our next layout I am sure. But for now these mattresses will work.

The U-Shaped Dinette

I was surprised to be able to fit my family in our RV last night. All of us sat around the table and played a few games of cards. It was the four of my family, my brother and nephew, and my parents! I could have never had them all in our little tent trailer! That made me really happy last night.

I know my brother would have liked to have played cards till midnight or later, but Ryan and I can’t roll like that, we were ready to climb in bed by 9 pm.

Sleeping Arrangements

One of the reasons we liked this design for an RV is that there are two queen beds in the back of the RV and one in the front that fold out. So we thought this would be great for a bit of privacy for mom and dad. It was just that, a great thought. The reality of it is that every morning we’ve been here, our eight year old Jayden has found his way to the couch right by our bed. haha712BC19A-96EA-4741-A310-660F2B22E101

Hopefully once he feels more comfortable in his bed he will stay in it all night.😴

🌡Still No Heat!


Through the course of writing this blog post, we are still trouble shooting the heating issue. This happened to us a few times in the tent trailer and even though I am a bit cold, I am a hundred times more comfortable at the table with my coffee than I was in our old tent trailer.

Its 7 am now and maybe in a few minutes we will go ask my dad if he has any ideas… 🙂 We have to laugh at ourselves, because we know its just all part of the experience, figuring this crap out!! hahaha

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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