Top 10 Things We Love To Eat Being Vegan

This is another post that is inspired by how many people ask me what do you even eat when your vegan? Ryan and I are always on the go it seems, if we’re not running around at home with our daycare then we are either packing for the next trip or unpacking from the last one! So we don’t invest a lot of time in the kitchen, simple is the motto around here, keep it simple.

So I thought I would just list some of our keep it simple go to snacks or meals that we love…

  1. I have to list peanut butter at number one, I am sort of 12390FD7-D8B9-4B31-8F90-750436FFFD76addicted to peanut butter. I will slice an apple and dip it in peanut butter almost once a day. This is one of my go-to snacks.
  2. Another peanut butter treat… I love to take a low carb tortilla, smother it in peanut butter and wrap up a banana. This is really filling and easy.
  3. Stir Fry! If we don’t have a ton of fresh produce in the fridge, I always make sure to keep tons in the freezer. We will toss in a bunch of veggies, dice an onion and tofu with a bunch of garlic and seasonings and we will eat from this all day.
  4. Soups! My favorite soup to make is split pea soup, but we also1E69984D-AA38-41D9-911F-22EF078CCDEF eat a lot of vegetable and lentil soup. I suffer from a lot of migraines and hot soup has always been comforting when my head is pounding.
  5. Chili! Ryan and I both love our tofu chili,  we have this about once a week.
  6. Burritos! Anything and everything in a burrito. Sometimes we have baked up a bunch of teriyaki tofu or beans, we will add this in our burrito with lots of greens and whatever veggies we have on hand. Sriracha sauce is one of my favorites for a burrito! We like it spicy!
  7. Potatoes! Baked sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, French fries!!! Anything potatoes!! This is a serious weakness for me, especially if we are going out. I have a hard time resisting the fries!
  8. Veggies and hummus is another favorite snack! We always try to keep hummus in the fridge, even our boys will eat it. Once a week I try to chop up a bunch of veggies to store in the fridge so we always have them ready to snack on.
  9. Chips and salsa! I have a weakness here too!! I know all the696505C6-2D23-49BD-8DDE-480B5D140B73 chips aren’t good for me, but these are so fun to eat when we are entertaining. We buy or make our salsa really hot! Even our kids surprisingly like it extra spicy.
  10. Quinoa Salad! This is another easy salad to whip up with very few special ingredients needed. Usually the only things I don’t have in my fridge when I want to make this is cilantro and limes.

What would be your top ten vegan foods? I would love to know what are your go to easy peasy choices? I hope you enjoyed our top ten list for Tuesday. Have a great day!

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  1. Great list of choices. I’m vegetrian, tried to go vegan but cheese is the issue. I don’t eat seafood (yuck) or eggs. Except eggs baked in a cake of course! 😂 I love the PB, banana, tortilla wrap! Trying that one today. 🍌 Thanks!

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  2. I deeply sympathise with you as a fellow migraineur. They’re utter misery. I’m a puker (what a delightful description 😊) so eating ANYTHING is impossible and I think that the differences in how we suffer is one of the most insidious aspects of the condition and what makes it so hard to treat.

    Now for a confession. I don’t have any fears ever about feeding celiacs for instance. Dead easy, just avoid the recipes with gluten.
    I don’t worry much about people with religious exclusions, again, it’s very easy to manage.
    Vegans, vegetarians and anyone else with ETHICAL dietary issues worry the bejaysus out of me! There is such a HUGE range of what people consider acceptable. Obviously no meat or animal fats etc – but some will eat eggs, cheese, fish etc. (I know that’s pescatarian but I’ve known people call themselves vegetarian then say that!)
    I always ask but live in fear of accidentally offending so lists like this are INVALUABLE!! I totally appreciate it and your vegan recipes because I want to make an effort to make something wonderful but don’t want to accidentally fubar it!

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    • Awe… I don’t puke but sometimes I feel as if I might… I feel for you. It is an awful thing to live with and not have it affect your mood on some level. I get a little grouchy at times.
      As for being vegan, Ryan and I are pretty chill about it. We did it for dietary and environmental reasons mostly, but I will confess that I desperately miss CHEESE! 😫

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  3. Black beans and rice is my favorite. But I also make pizza with fake cheese that I make from scratch which is a real pain but so good. Homemade french fries or sweet potato fries. And also veggie patties that I make with corn, rice, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, onions and anything else i can think to toss in!
    Far more vegan things than just a stinkin meat patty!

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      • If you do a search on my blog for vegan they should pop up. I put all the recipes on there. Let me know if you can find them. If not I will repost


      • My blog started 3 years ago with the sexual abuse topic and PTSD. Then eating vegan. Then just the ways I have tried to help myself through nutrition and coping with ptsd through photography. There is a whole lotta lotta if you go back. Hopefully the search button will pull up vegan things. The photography is really just a last 6 months kind of thing as I knew I was crashing and burning in all of my health deterioration and I had to find a way to find joy again

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      • It started after I broke the silence to my family about the abuse I endured as a child. They then all abandoned me when my daughter was in the middle of a surgery. So it was a terrible time. I was diagnosed with PTSD and I wanted to reach out to other women and men who’d been abused and who had had lost their families because of their honesty. That is still the main root of my blog and what I always go back to talking about. Some of those posts are hard to read as is the poetry because it has to do with abuse. But then I decided to throw in the rest of my life. My muscle disease, struggles with my body and accessibility with a wheelchair and then thought well since therapy has SUCKED and meds aren’t working, I will share my photographs as they are helping me to cope. The food part was just kind of a …hey this is part of my life which isn’t all about abuse! I use products NOT tested on animals and we eat organically so I thought why not toss that in my blog too. So yep my blog is all over the freaking place but it is all just my story


      • Also if you search “the letter” you will find old posts I have written about abuse and such. Not that you want to read those things but it tells some of my story. “Details of the abuse” is the original letter i wrote to my father which is what started this blog so you can find that in the search too if you want to. I don’t want to bring you down. I wanted to break the silence but show there was also more to me than just an abuse victim which is why i go out in nature.

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      • I do want to look back… Totally will! I enjoy getting to know my blogging pals. 😁 and I appreciate you reaching out to me about being vegan and your blog! It makes me feel more connected to your posts and what you blog about. I hope that doesn’t sound strange… lol But blogging is sometimes hard to get a good picture of the person writing behind the posts.. at least when your new like me. 😃


      • The cheese is a real bitch of a process but you can use it for mac-n-cheese, pizza, nachos. It is really good I think. Your kitchen will be destroyed after you make it but it will last for a few weeks in the fridge. I also make enough veggie patties to last a few weeks too

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  4. I will take potatoes any day and any way (except baked). Occasionally, I’ll have peanut butter. Preparing food in my house is difficult at best because my son has a hate/hate relationship with food. Always has once he left pureed food…lol. What makes matters worse for me, is that I love to cook, bake, grill, and smoke. Not worth doing that for just one.

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  5. I’m not vegan, but have been on fruit, vegetables, dairy, and an egg for 9 weeks. It was a “bold” move,and I thought that I might be hungry, so, I loaded up on carbs the first day, and have gradually decreased since then. I will not ever eat meat again.

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