What To Do With A Leaky 55 Gallon Fish Tank?

We had an accident last week…

I have had my 55 gallon fish tank full of fresh water fish for about 15 years and last week while we were doing daycare and also in the middle of negotiating our RV loan and packing for our first trip, we discovered a big puddle of water in the living room. Basically our living room was flooded(Ryan thinks this is me just being dramatic, but it was really bad!)

At first I thought Ryan had spilt something, and he thought that I had spilt something. Both are pretty funny as neither of us would do that without cleaning it up. In actuality what had happened was the tank had somehow broken a seal and was leaking for quite some time. It was just the day before that Ryan had said boy the water is sure evaporating fast…

Luckily all our fish survived

We had to drain it before we could move it, which meant we had to take the fish out. This was really hard for me, especially thinking that they might die. After dealing with rv stuff all day and work, just to spend my evening emptying my tank I’ve had for 15 years, I ended up in tears on the couch.

I posted what happened on Facebook and some of my daycare parents reposted it and we were able to find someone to come over the same evening and take all our fish. As sad as I was to give them away, I was happy that they weren’t going to die. I really miss the warm glow of the tank and watching them swim around. Bob our cat was always trying his luck at fishing.

I am over it now for the most part. It is what it is.  I will at some point want another fish tank but for now I’m thinking what should we do with our 55 gallon tank and stand.


So we’re wondering what now?

Do we ditch the 55 gallon tank and get a new one? Or do we sort of recycle the tank into some type of terrarium?

The last time I was at the pet store buying the boys rats, I saw the most adorable Russian Tortoises. That is one of my thoughts, to put sand in the bottom and just not have a fish tank for a while. This would have to be temporary as I loved having a fish tank.

What do you recommend?

What are your thoughts? What type of pets do you have? I really enjoy caring for my IMG_2182plants and for animals so just ditching the tank and moving on is not really an option. I haven’t done any research on tortoises yet or lizards but that is what I am leaning towards.

I’d love some advice, we have a clean tank and were ready to start thinking of the next critter that will call it home..

Thanks for reading our family bog. Have a great night!

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  1. At my mum’s house we have a turtle in our backyard. She came with the house, the first spring (now 27 y ago) she suddenly emerged out of her winter hiding. Mum didn’t know she had a turtle! You might think you don’t get much love from a turtle, but she comes over and follows us around every time we are in the garden. If you are wearing something red she is over the moon! I think it reminds her of strawberries and tomatoes (her favorite food) 😀

  2. I had a fish tank tragedy too and it broke my heart as all my babies died. I had a knuckle dragging satellite engineer unplug it while installing new cables and he didn’t plug it back in. I didn’t realise and came down the next morning to a tank of dead and dying fish. I was devastated.

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