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It’s Wednesday Again… WWW!

📚This week was a busy one…

It has been a real crazy week for our family, but with the few extra days off from work this past week, I still managed to finish up what I was reading. Doing this book post each Wednesday really keeps me on track with at least one book a week.

📚What I am reading now

3E31704E-1EE0-41B1-B3E5-C068DE7591F7I am just starting on the last library book I have checked out. Another YA book, The Sun is Also A Star, ⭐️ By Nicola Yoon. I have literally just started it this morning so I have nothing to share about it yet other than it has a pretty cover. 😆

I have read some positive and interesting reviews, I’ll let you all know next week. I honestly was going to read the Bone Witch starting today, but I realized this morning I left my books I took camping in our RV.🤨 Hopefully Ryan will track them down for me before he takes the RV out to the dealer for repair.

📚What I just finished reading


I just finished reading Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell. I’ve read a lot of positive reviews from your blogs and that’s what led me to check it out.

At first, I wasn’t sure it was a good story for me. The story is about a twin girl that goes away to college, in the shadow of her more popular, outgoing twin. She is addicted to writing fan fiction, which I’d never heard of before, but apparently is a real thing. 🤯

She has created an alternative world for herself in her writing of fan fiction. It’s become her escape from reality, the reality of boys and having a social life, of a mother that left and a dad that she worries about back home.

Cath was pretty sure that Levi actually was the brightest thing in the room, in any room. Bright and warm and crackling-he was a human campfire. 🔥

Over all, I really enjoyed it. I found myself really pulling for her to give up her fanfiction writing and find herself as her own writer and let go of this part of her life that she clings to so desperately.

What I am hoping to read next…

The Bone Witch By Rin Chupeco is next for sure! Again, I picked this book for all DE56E090-A984-4703-B0E3-BA4E70DF5405the great reviews I’ve seen on your blogs. And beyond that I literally know nothing about it, which is sometimes how I like it. The less I know about the story the more I can be swept away by it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What are you guys reading this week? Have you read any of these books? Do any of you use Audibles? Sometimes I will read the book and sometimes play the audiobook when I’m in the car.

Ryan is always blaring his music in the car, I’m the nerdy one driving around with my audiobook playing. 🤓 hahaha..

Thanks for reading, have a great hump day!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to read Fangirl! I’ve got it on my book shelf and I almost met the author once at YALC, but her queue was massive, and I had a Patrick Ness signing to go to. So I sadly didn’t have the time!
    I think I’ll definitely have to read it soon.

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