Upcoming Weekend Plans

Here Comes The Weekend!

Just like clockwork, every Thursday Ryan and I start getting antsy for some fun weekend plans. And we are antsy for the weekend, yet our plans are a bit up in the air.

When choosing our RV many of you warned of buying a new one, as they are always riddled with issues and lost time spent in the service shop. 😜Yep, you were right! We enjoyed our RV for one weekend and now it sits in the shop. Not only is it sitting in the service center, but all my tbr books 📚 are on the shelf in the RV! Not good! Especially when it’s a 25 minute drive to Camping World.🙄 Yikes!

If we get a call today we might still be on for meeting up with my parents at the beach for another family weekend. Otherwise I will continue to work on our garden. This is another one of my passions! Sort of conflicting, as I have to always find someone willing to water for me when we travel.


We just got the call from Camping World! Yay, it was a simple loose connection that is fixed and it’s all ready to come home! What a relief!😅 Ryan is on his way to pick it up!

Weekend Dillemas

I am excited and dreading this trip at the same time. I adore getting out of town but we have end of the month daycare paperwork to finish, plants to get in the ground and Ryan still needs to bottle his beer he brewed a few weeks ago.us3Ow%kaT7SMtIUo50mFIQ
My list could go on and on, we need groceries, gas, packed clothes, find someone to water the garden.

Do you ever experience a fair amount of stress and/or anxiety before taking a trip? You really want to go, but getting there is a lot of work sometimes, especially when we go camping nearly every weekend from now till October!😬7471837E-4B88-4F6A-AD3D-DB2093C7AA26

I suggested that maybe we stay home this weekend to get caught up on a few things. Ryan says, We can’t there’s only 14 more weekends till the end of summer! 0.o

So the thought of packing up for the weekend seems a bit overwhelming, but I’m sure that’ll turn into excitement by tomorrow afternoon! I just have a lot to do tonight! Lots of lists to write for myself!! haha

Tell Me About Your Weekend Plans..

What is on your list of things to enjoy this weekend. Have you planted a garden yet? Are there movies or books your dying to experience? I still haven’t seen Ready Player One yet, and its been killing me!!

My Highlight Of Most Any Weekend

Whether we are home or away(and Ive mentioned this is many of 8026DED7-0DDE-4147-83E1-B745ABE75CA5my blogs), my favorite part of the weekend or any given day, for that matter, is always when Ryan and I first wake up. From about 4 am to 8 am is my golden time of each day. We will relax, have our pot of coffee, read, write, and enjoy uninterrupted conversation.

When we are home working, once 6:30 am rolls around we go and go until we fall into bed each night. So as Thursday comes to an end, I hope your all ready for an amazing weekend.. Its almost here!

I’d love to know the highlight of your weekend plans, so drop us a comment!

Have a great night!


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  1. Your weekend sounds great. I will be sitting at home listening to my kid in the other room watch anime, youtube, and play with his friends then complain anytime I ask him to do something. We had a hail storm a few days ago that took out most of my garden, but his corn loved it. I think my plans will turn into doing a little baking, then working on some writing projects. Have fun camping!

    • I can relate to the YouTube and complaining! 😳 What a bummer on the garden. I just put down a bunch of seeds, a hailstorm would be a nightmare for my baby garden area. I hope you get some good baking and writing projects in. I look forward to reading it! 😊

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