Our Saturday At The Beach And The Pool


Once again we are staying at the South Jetty near Florence, Oregon

Spending our third weekend in the same campground and even the same camp spot across from my parents. I am hoping my newly planted garden is surviving without me. lol

It is much quieter here compared to the three day weekend last


Jayden played ball with some cute girls at the volleyball 🏐 courts

week. The weather is cooperating its completely beautiful here. I wish I could say that for the boys’ behavior( they’re not cooperating) but Ryan and I are doing our best to be nonreactive and encourage parents, dreaming of maybe a kid-free weekend coming soon!

Some weekends they get along great and I feel like an amazing parent, and some weekends, well some weekends are just not that rewarding.😤

My parents tried their luck at the casino

As for my parents, they are approaching their 70’s so their days of beach combing and hiking all over the beaches don’t happen too often anymore, and when they do they pay the price for the next few days. My parents have two passions, photography and going to the casino. Today was a casino day! They spent all day there and came back with the money they left with. Not a bad day at the casino…🤑

Ryan and I went in to town to gas up, get a few groceries and stop by the liquor store as I was craving a low-carb margarita! Along with giving up soda I am trying to limit the craft beer. Ryan can drink it everyday, but for me I swear I can gain five pounds in a three day weekend(three weeks still no soda by the way). 🙂A4571354-2320-4423-8DBF-4FC507191664

We walked down the jetty and on to the beach this morning. The boys played in the sand for a while and I took in the fresh air and watched for seals. It was a minus tide this morning (-.6 tide) so the sandbars were really big along the jetty. I prefer when it is a king high tide, the waves crash so hard along the rocks of the jetty sometimes shooting over the rocks.ACD78F89-4777-4ED7-B198-312E99F623E4

An afternoon at the pool

After we got back we headed back down to the pool since no-one was there. I read a few chapters in the hot tub and the boys splashed around in the pool. It wasn’t a super warm day, but it was maybe 65′.

Ryan swam a few laps and gave me a jackknife for the blog. haha

We have family movie trivia starting here in an hour, we are hoping to win a family prize tonight, I don’t know… I am not a movie buff so we are going to have to rely on Ryan and the boys for this family challenge.

We won by default! No one else showed up!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?


Not wanting Saturday to end as it means its time to start thinking of packing up until next weekend again. How did you enjoy your Saturday? Heading home tomorrow and the one thing I will not miss… the mosquitos!🤨
Have a great night bloggers!

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  1. Florence is so beautiful – your posts take me back there! Our youngest son is Jayden, so I get a kick out of hearing about yours. Ours is now 30, but still a kid at heart – full of pranks and fun.

    • I always love reading your comments! So sweet and full of wise words. 😊 I remember reading your posts coming through Oregon and Washington.
      That is funny we both have a youngest named Jayden. I don’t know what I was thinking when I named my four boys but I gave them all J names.
      Jordan 24
      Jared 21
      Joey 10
      Jayden 8
      Enjoy your Sunday!☀️

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