Vertical Gardening Project, DIY

Limited Outdoor Space

Ryan and I live on a very small piece of property, not even ours in fact. We own our modest, little manufactured home, that sits in a community of others. I would love to have a huge backyard with tons of our own space to do with as we please, but that is not our reality.🙄
I try to make the most of our space during the growing season and that brings me to my project for this year. We have just about reclaimed the backyard from all the weeds and grass that has overtaken the flower beds and garden boxes all winter and spring. Don’t even get me started on the spiders and other bugs that are everywhere when you first disrupt their home. Ick! And now I am ready for a project!

If you are like Ryan and I, with limited outdoor space, you might be interested in


This whole row for herbs 🌿

some of these ideas I’ve found and put together. How to make the most of small areas…Utilize vertical spaces! So here goes…I am not an expert, but these are some of the things I’ve been considering when designing our plan for the vertical garden area. Take into consideration how much sun exposure your area gets. Our backyard faces the west so very little area gets that full sun.

Vertical Gardening

My first experiment with our vertical planters is on the north and west side of our house. It just barely gets full sun along the fence area so we have installed some gutters for spinach, lettuce, and the whole back side is my experimental herb garden.


In these gutter we have a row of spinach and lettuce from seed. We also have pots of various peppers, 🌶 tomatoes 🍅, cucumbers 🥒, and Ryan is trying his luck with a few Cascade Hop vines this year.

Vertical gardening ideas have been something Ive been interested in for a few years now.  And I think Ryan is on board with me on this. If I can keep it alive and it thrives here, I will add more!My one concern is drying out with such a shallow area. I am thinking some type of peat moss to help lock in more moisture? Or maybe I should have put moss in the bottoms! 🤔It’s all an experiment at this point.

The Gutters

We used simple metal gutters used find in a hardware store. Ryan drilled holes along the back to attach to a pour fencing and also drilled a few drain holes. After filling the gutters with soil, plants and watering we noticed a bit of sagging. This can be remedied easily with some zip ties wrapped around the fencing and the whole gutter to pull it back into place.9B4E495A-C71F-42CD-8B56-17066C50FC7B

Thanks for reading! If you have a vertical garden area and you have any tips for me, please leave them in the comments! And for those of you that have a tiny outdoor space like us, don’t be discouraged, just get creative!


I’ll post an update this summer and let you know how our project is going! Wish me luck!🤞🏻 Happy Gardening!

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  1. Those gutters are a great idea! I’ve never seen that before. Would also keep plants out of reach from little hands. Looks great!

  2. That is an awesome idea. We started or gardening efforts at our home in a manufactured home community several years before buying our farm. We still live in the manufactured home and just drive 1 1/2 miles to the farm several times a day to do what ever needs to be done there.

    • Thanks Ruth! Tending to a farm has always interested me. I love caring for plants and animals! 🌿 I have practically no space at all here so if these work I will probably add more!

  3. Great idea to use the gutters. I started a horizontal box garden in spring and have green beans, squash and tomatoes. My tomatoes have not produced yet. I also planted watermelon and cantaloupe but they are slow growing so far. The garden soil I used is only about 10 inches so I need to fertilize a few times along with extra watering. Thanks for the insight. I may try vertical some.

  4. Great Idea! living close to the city we also have a smaller backyard then I’d like. I’m not a fan of plants and flowers, but I could handle veggies. However I do like my grass. We are getting ready to renovate the back of our house, once that’s done a veggie garden won’t be far off. Might have to borrow this idea.

    • Thank you! I do miss the grass we dug up 2 years ago, but I was tired of using water on it. I look forward to maybe a backyard project post from you maybe….?🤔 I’d love to see what your working on…

  5. Looks great – love the use of guttering. Have you thought of using plastic sewer pipe. If you drill holes (big ones) in it and bury one end in the ground, fill it with soil and then plant strawberry plants in the holes. Keeps slugs and bugs away from the fruit.

  6. Don’t limit yourself on the gutters. You can get lots of things to grow in them. I’ve grown strawberries and green beans, but anything with a shallow root will work. Great use of space!

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