🌞Good Morning Bloggers

☀️Sunday Morning

Sitting in our RV this morning and it’s so nice to be comfortable, read my morning blog posts, sipping on coffee. We’ve definitely paid our dues through the years in tents and tent trailers being cramped in a tiny space, and often times cold and in need of a bathroom. 😳


Its a bit messy in here this morning but I don’t care. This corner at the table has become my favorite spot! I have my coffee, my doggie, my writing, and once I get up from this spot, I will be busy for the rest of the week!🤣 So of course, I don’t want to ever get up!0A11CD51-D6F8-425D-9E6F-529BAD79E476.jpeg

I will sit here and read and write until the boys are awake, enjoying my favorite slice of Sunday..  By about 10 am we will shift into packing and cleaning mode, heading out around noon for the valley once again.

🗓Looking Ahead To The Week

Their is always plenty to do with a small business. We had to have our water tested as part of a new state requirement, hoping those results are nothing to worry about. We are done with a literacy and behavior unit we’ve participated in from the University so I will have to come up with some fun activities for heading into summer to keep us busy.

We also have an opening I’ve been advertising for with no luck this month. But this next week as parents start thinking of summer care, they will hopefully call.

This last week we have been focusing on gardening, not just for our family but with our preschoolers as well. They like discussing how different fruits and vegetables grow, and helping me to water. I think we will continue this topic for next week.

🎉Last Week Of School For Kiddos

Summer is a week away for local public schools which means a few things for our family and preschool. Jayden will be home more, and we will have some older siblings in our program full time for a few months. 33B72B44-4474-4FB6-BF9C-F97D83079D1B.png

This means a bit more planning on my part. Older kids are awesome, but it will require a bit more planning to stay on top of activities as they tend to get bored 😐 easier than preschoolers. It’s sometimes a challenge for me to have mixed age ranges. Usually we work with 2-5 year olds. This summer we will have 2- 11 year olds. That will mean at least two different activities at a time for the kids! I’ll need to be on top of my planning for sure to keep everyone happy!

When I was a kid, after the last day of school, my mom would always plan something special for us. We’d take a trip somewhere, ride on the train to Portland or just something new and exciting. So I feel the pressure of making this week memorable for my boys too.

Do you have memories of the last day of school? Do you plan anything special for the kick off to summer? I’d love some ideas!

🦋Butterfly Garden

One project that the kids and I will start next week is our butterfly garden. From Amazon I ordered a kit that comes with caterpillars, their food and a little tent to watch them till they turn into butterflies. Hopefully this is a big hit!153A9C97-C3EC-4499-AC45-5573BB8147F9.jpeg

📚Ok, I’m Thinking About Work Too Much

Its barely Sunday and as you can see, my thoughts just naturally shift to work for the next week. Do you do this too? I need to put my iPad down and pick up my book, as I’m way behind on my reading this week! All you book bloggers put my monthly reading goals to shame! I will shift to the work week ahead of me soon enough…

Have a great Sunday Blogging friends!☀️

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  1. Hello☺️
    I have nominated you for Get To Know Me tag🌼🌼🌼 now it is up to you to participate 🎊🎊🎊😊😊😊/

  2. The caterpillar tent and gardening sounds so good (I might look into it for myself)! It sounds like you have a lot going on, and I kind of don’t envy that of you, but you sound like you really enjoy doing what you’re doing.

    Have fun the rest of the week! I hope it goes well for you.

    • I do seem to always have too much going on. I think that’s why my mornings are so important to me to have that quiet time and camping on the weekends.
      Managing a small business is stressful, there is always something to do, yet really rewarding at times too. I feel a great sense of pride knowing that a business I started so many years ago can support my whole family. 😊
      As for the butterfly garden… I am sooo excited to set it up, I can’t wait till Amazon delivers it!!
      Thank you for reading along. Hope you have an amazing week as well!☀️

      • It certainly does sound stressful, but you can see your pride when you talk about it. You should definitely feel proud of it, you’ve obviously put a lot of thought and effort into it! It’s inspiring, honestly.
        I always enjoy reading your posts, even if I do read them slightly late!

      • Awe… that really means a lot to me. I often wonder if anyone really reads it. Lol Thank you so much for sharing this with me. You’ve made my Sunday!☀️

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