Joey’s Drawings

Since we took Joey out of public school in March it’s been a learning process and a big transition away from what was a demanding routine for him at his school. He had completely checked out with all the constant testing, and prepping for testing.

I wrote an earlier blog about pulling Joey out of school and my thoughts on tests you can find here( testing & homeschooling). Joey has a mild form of ADHD and would just tune out when his class worked constantly on learning the test. He even got to the point of just bubbling in answers without even reading the questions.

This was so shocking for me, as his mom because he wasn’t misbehaving in class, he was well liked by his teacher and peers, he just couldn’t focus or see the point of all the tests. How could I blame him…?

One of the things Joey has really taken an interest in is his drawings. He will listen to music and draw for hours at a time or build huge lego fortresses.

I told him to pick out his favorite drawings and I would include them in a post to highlight his work. I hope you like them…

His inspiration was his small animated globe that sits on his desk in his room.



I’ve been pretty impressed with his interest in drawing, and especially his ability to focus on it! Thanks for reading our homeschooling update and checking out his art…

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  1. He’s really good! I thought about homeschooling my son every year, but then through “being the pest” he started getting what he needed. He starts 9th grade this fall and I am not looking forward to it. We both think it would be better to homeschool, but our district doesn’t comply with the open electives rules.

    • Thank you, I think for some kids it’s the best option. I hope your son is successful in 9th grade. It’s hard starting high school. ☀️

      • Well, it’s made a little easier here because we only have one 7th grade building and one 8th grade building, so his whole class has spent two years together. He has his built in “groups” like orchestra, but his downfall will be himself. For 2nd trimester last year he decided to see how “easy” it was to fail since so many of his friends get Fs (and he didn’t believe me when I said you had to try really hard to fail nowadays). He earned mostly Ds that term. His takeaway was that it was harder to get an F than a B…lol. He is in honors Algebra 2, Honors English, Honors World History, and Honors Science next year so either I will die of a heart attack from all the stress of getting him to do his homework or he will mature a little. He’s just turning 14 when school starts, so I think it will be the former…lol

      • Awe… I don’t look forward to my youngest being that age. It is so stressful having teenage boys at times.
        Wow, all those honor classes, your son is very bright! Your definitely doing something right! I’ll think good thoughts for him…

      • He inherited a lot of brains and a lot of laziness…lol. I told him that I have say right now over his academic subjects (because he needs pushing and a kick in the butt right now) but he has full control over his electives. It seemed to work for this schedule.

  2. thanks for letting me inside the world of homeschooling, something I’ve heard about but never knew anything about. In terms of his drawing, he is a better artist then I ever have been. The kid inside me wants to see some of his lego fortresses though. . .

    • Haha… right on! Thanks for reading our thoughts on homeschooling! If I tell him that he will be very motivated to get a future LEGO post! ☀️ 🙏

    • I am starting him a few days in the fall in a learning coop, and their is a charter homeschool that we are on a waiting list for that will allow us money for our own curriculum choices and an iPad.
      I am wanting to get him a camera so maybe he can explore photography. He is a wonderful writer too with a charming sense of humor in his writing. More than anything I just want him to be excited about learning, being creative and exploring new things.
      I think public education here stifles the love of learning and creativity. I wasn’t an educator like you, that’s just my experience of raising my boys in and out of public education.

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