New Family Pets Update

Our rats are growing like crazy

Our two new additions last month are doing well adjusting to their new home. If you missed that post, you can find it here! The boys are getting more comfortable with holding them and vice versa.

I’m glad we were talked into this larger cage for them because they love to run all around it. Now that we know they are going to work out, we need to get them some new toys for their home.

They can be really entertaining to watch. The 2 males will wrestle and roll around at times, bouncing all over their cage.



One thing that I can’t quite keep straight is their name. Jayden being obsessed with Godzilla wanted to name his J-Zilla, then it switched to Spider-Man😳 and we managed to steer him away from that one too. I think he’s finally settled on Stuart, I hope! Which was my suggestion. Although, I think Stuart Little was a mouse, wasn’t he? 🐭

Joey’s rat is named Chewie. I’m not even sure where this name came from, since Joe’s never seen Star Wars, but I like it just the same.

Both of them are sweet and affectionate! The only thing we haven’t been able to do yet is to train them not to go potty when you hold them. Hopefully this will happen soon!😝

I have never had a rat before, nor have I even considered one for any of my boys, mainly because they would creep me out! I think it’s something about the tail…but I’ve decided that they are actually very likable!


Hopefully we will have these little critters for a long time. As for our 55 gallon fish tank that broke its seal(you can find this story here), we decided after cleaning it up that most of the life was used up in that old tank and we donated it. We still have our stand and will hopefully add a new pet or two by this fall!

It is of course just what we need, more pets! 🤣

I am hoping for Russian Tortoises!

Thanks for reading…Do you have unusual pets? What has been your favorite pet. For me I am still a sucker for my doggies.. Coco and Rio. But I love them all!7827f2d1-8f48-4530-8e57-0294645f2dba.jpeg

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  1. Hahaha… I still can’t believe they sold you on the rats. It’s great all the parties are settling in well.!

  2. They are cute! I didn’t know they could be affectionate! I had never seen a blonde one either! We had gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits, so really a rat isn’t that different from those. I love all animals! Love your doggies too! Right now we just have one kitty. She is 16 so we won’t be adding any new pets to stress her out. She’s a love. 💓

    • Awe… I love pets too! My pets and plants are sooo important to me. They are like therapy for me. We have a kitty too, I feel bad for not including Bob in the blog but he was out running around somewhere catching bugs. He is younger, and sort of grouchy. Lol

      • I think he will… when I’m gardening out back he will hang out with me. He just isn’t into snuggling up. Not yet anyway…
        There is something about caring for them(plants and our critters), that just feels good. 💗 Much easier than caring for kiddos! Lol

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