Our Live Butterfly Garden

It finally arrived in the mail…

I was super excited along with our preschoolers when the package came from Amazon Tuesday. We’ve all been waiting anxiously to set it up and watch the grow.

One thing we were surprised about was just how tiny the caterpillars 🐛 are when you first get them in the mail. I sort of thought we got ripped off. But I guess they eat and eat and eat for a few weeks just like in the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They have already doubled in size!74F11DBF-98A1-4B66-A68A-29316B33A62F.jpeg


When they arrived, the caterpillars were neatly living in this cup. With a small vent on top of the cup, they have all the food and water they need inside. Super easy!F4C3F844-BFD9-4E6A-AF1E-19498E96F646

This kit requires hardly any effort on our part. The hardest part is having to wait. We let the caterpillars grow for about 10 days, before they begin to hang from the lid and form their chrysalis. Wait, what? What is a Chrysalis? I grew up calling it a cocoon!😳


Once the chrysalis has fully hardened, which takes another 3 days, we are supposed to gently remove the lid and put it in the stand so they hang sideways. Then set the stand in the butterfly tent to wait for another 7-10 days.

After the 7-10 days the butterflies will emerge from their chrysalis’ cocoons. We need to wait for a few hours to be sure their wings are dry.  Then we can feed them some fresh fruit or nectar(which the kit supplies).fad8292f-77cc-4fbc-a24c-26366e544e6a.jpeg

We will feed them every day for about a week before they are able go free. I am pretty sure I am more excited about this project than anyone else. 🤩 Which is often the case with my projects, so I’m used to it!

How long does it take?

This is certainly a project that teaches patience. With each step of the process, from the package arriving till we are able to set the butterflies free, it can take up to a month!  I am hoping nothing tragic happens during the month… like the butterfly tent getting knocked down or any of them dying.😲Crossing my fingers!

Our unit on caterpillars & butterflies

While we wait and watch them do their thing, as a family and a preschool, we are working on lots of related activities that we’ve found on Pinterest. If your interested in your own kit, we found it here on Amazon for under $30.

This is a great project for a homeschooler, a preschool class or a family! I don’t know why I never ordered it before now. Here are some books we read that went along with this activity.


Hope you enjoyed our project… Thanks for reading, have a great Thursday!

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  1. This still sounds so cool! I wish my WiFi worked better so I could see the picture!
    I’ll bookmark this and comeback to it when I have better internet.
    This is such an interesting thing to do with kids, it’s not something I would have thought of.

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