Bend, Oregon

Fay’s Photography Sunday

Oregon’s Diverse Geography

It’s Sunday again, time for our photo post! Each Sunday I highlight some of my mother’s photography. I hope you enjoy it…


Bandon, Oregon Lighthouse


Lush woodlands create thick forest canopies


Eugene is Home to The University of Oregon.


Ferns grow everywhere in the valley


Central Oregon



Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for looking.

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    • Awe… thank you! I like that one too! I was a sailor’s wife for many years. My oldest boys’ dad was on a submarine in San Diego and Bangor Washington. But that was loooong ago. Thanks for looking.
      I don’t know why but my jam didn’t set up very well… 🙄

      • Ah so you know the life of a sailors wife. My husband spent 20 yrs in US Coast Guard before I met him. After he retired he spent 18 more yrs sailing great lakes freighters (15 while we were together) We finally decided the money wasn’t worth him being away from home so much and he quit and we started our little farm.
        I sometimes have jam the doesn’t set up well. It’s important to get those measurements exact. If it is to runny you could try cooking it a little longer to get it to thicken. I usually just enjoy the thinner stuff as ice cream topping, on pancakes or toast.

      • The farm sounds nice… lots of work too though. Keeps ya busy this time of year I bet!
        20 yrs in the coast guard…wow!
        Yep, the pectin I used was a different brand than I usually get. It’s not super runny, just a bit runnier than expected. Still tasted good though!😊

      • I have another batch to make, so the trick is to cook it a bit longer if it didn’t set? I’ll try that… I made strawberry rhubarb last batch, this time I want to make strawberry jalapeño jam. We’ll see how it goes. 🙄lol

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