Motivation for Monday!

When Ryan and I are complaining about the week, we’re different. We don’t complain about the same dreary Monday. He groans for work Monday morning, dragging himself along, barely able to smile as he makes us coffee.

I on the other hand have always been ok with Monday.  I always get excited for a new beginning! ☕️ Hoping to make the most out of the fresh start.CAE43949-250A-49D3-934D-FA84A8FBB52B

I groan on Tuesday morning, for it’s not a beginning, or the middle or the eve of anything! It’s Oatmeal Tuesday. meh… 🙄 (Oatmeal Tuesday is really a thing at our house). 🤓

D2177D95-2001-4255-971D-75718BF3E2D4But it’s not Tuesday yet, it’s Monday! And I am excited for a great start to this week! So here’s some motivation for today!

I am going to start something new this week, and set some weekly goals for myself!

Here they are..

  • Find a good beginning yoga video to start stretching and getting back into yoga, to help with my chronic pain.
  • Start my upper body workout routine again.
  • Drink more water!
  • Eat Whole Foods!
  • Get 10k steps each day.
  • Read at least 30 minutes each day.
  • Schedule a blog post for 4 am daily this week.


These are just my personal goals and hopefully it will help me get back on track! Want to join along with me and set your own weekly goals! Put it in the comments, I’d love some support! I’ll check back again next Monday to update and keep me honest!

D0A56C88-5D28-445A-94FD-411292C8FD2F Have a great day!

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