🎥10 Old Movies I Want To Have My Boys Watch This Summer

Top 10 Tuesday

Our Obstacle

Usually I have a hard time getting my boys to watch older movies. Joey sort of tunes out and eventually walks out of the living room to do anything but watch our lame movie(super annoying), with a few exceptions.🙄

They both have loved Jurassic Park, Dumb and Dumber, and FerrisDEBC74EE-C223-4495-92DA-3468EB435970 Bueller. I tried to get them to watch Wayne’s World over the weekend and it was a flop for them, but that didn’t stop Ryan and I from giggling through the rest of the movie.😆

F643A4FB-2F78-44AD-8F71-F572CF5C5421With our goofy, quirky sense of humor we came up with some fun and easy movies we thought they should see before summer ends. Joey has recently turned into this obnoxious tweener, with eye rolling and snooty remarks at every passing( he will be 11 yrs old this July).

Jayden is a bit easier to please, he still thinks we are cool(at times) he is 8 yrs old, but will usually follow his brother’s lead.

Its a tough crowd around here, not always the easiest thing for our family to agree on a movie at home. If they had it there way we would watch Funnelvision and Dude Perfect videos on Youtube all night long. ugh…😴

Our Summer Agreement

So we came up with a family agreement, we will alternate family movie nights each week. One movie they pick and we will watch it, full of enthusiasm, and then we get to pick a movie and they agree to stay glued to the TV as if it was their favorite Youtuber!

I am not sure how this is going to work out, but I am excited about it! I am eager to have the boys see these great, goofy oldies. Both boys have agreed with one condition, they get to make the first selection. Done!B7D9B3D9-2385-44EB-A5F7-8EC215A014C1

Our List

So Here is our list, if you have any suggestions we are super open for recommendations….

  1. Wizard Of Oz
  2. Beetlejuice
  3. Footloose
  4. The Princess Bride
  5. Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  6. Karate Kid
  7.  Big
  8. Super Troopers
  9. Breakfast Club
  10. Weird Science

How do family movies at your house work? Who gets to pick the movie? Do you have teenagers or tweeners, adding an element of difficulty to family time? Drop me a comment, I love hearing from you!

🍿 Happy movie night!

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  1. There are some good movies on your list. My son and I used to watch movies together, but that stopped and “family time” became a foul, nasty phrase about two years ago…lol. I miss how we used to do things together, but I guess that is par for the course of going on 14.

  2. I love old movies, but more specifically 80’s movies! They are my go-to! My aunt made me watch them and I’ve fallen in love ever since. I suggest doing some summer 80’s movies like One Crazy Summer or Encino Man. These are always awesome favorites! I love your list! Minus Wizard of Oz… You’re talking to someone from Kansas. I don’t know anyone from there that actually likes that movie lol.

  3. I love to watch Goonies and National Lampoons Vacation whenever it’s on tv..reminds me of summer in the 80’s! Some parts are slightly not appropriate for my younger daughter but I’ll just create a slight distraction until that passes lol

    • Those are my fav’s too! I was disappointed that my 10 yr old didn’t like Goonies. He’s bratty sometimes, ok, most of the time!😆 I don’t think he gave it a fair shot. And vacation! Who doesn’t love the Griswalds!

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