WWW Wednesday’s

📚What am I reading now?

I know I am years behind everyone else, but I promised Joe I’d 5FE5A0FF-B7A0-4F9F-8139-FCFA2B7B98DDread Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. This was one of the sets that came in my free scholastic book order!

I am a few chapters into it and it’s pretty cute, I like Percy’s character in the book so far. I can see how it kept Joey’s attention too, lots of fun!

We have this Netflix movie sitting on our blue-ray player waiting for me to finish it, so I am guessing I will zip through it rather quick, since my son is putting the pressure on me.


📚What did I just finish reading?

I just finished up with The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco.DE56E090-A984-4703-B0E3-BA4E70DF5405 It could not have ended soon enough for me. I was really excited to read it and even bought it new!

I never really developed much of a liking for the main character, she just seemed blah. So sadly, I found this book to be boring and a bit of a chore to finish.  3/5 ⭐️

📚What am I going to read next?

I have another YA book, 3FE464A2-4F48-4776-A1ED-11B39CE05A57Gunslinger Girl by Lyndsay Ely. I picked this up at the library this week after a few interesting reviews from you YA bloggers.

I don’t know much about either the book or author so I am crossing my fingers on it! Sometimes I really do judge a book by its cover. That didn’t seem to work with The Bone Witch, so I’ll let you know how it went next week.

Have a great week of reading! I’d love to hear what you are reading and if you have read any of these three titles. Have you read The Bone Witch? What were your thoughts?

Happy Reading!!!

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  1. I have not read any of those books, but I am avid young adult reader. I love young adult books and even though I’m beyond the years of a young adult, I still enjoy them. I have seen the movie Percy Jackson and I will say it did want me to read the book.

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