Belknap Hot Springs

What Are Your Weekend Plans?

Are you ready for it?

Thursday afternoon once again and its time to make some weekend plans! Do you have anything your looking forward to? It’s that time of year for gardening, outdoor weddings, graduations, BBQs, camping trips, the list goes on and on…9321B1E2-CF85-4571-83E2-46978AF0A7CA

We stayed home last weekend and we are not doing that again! When you work from home, spending the entire weekend at home turns into a continuation of the work week. I need the relaxing feeling I get from being outside by the campfire with a cool breeze and no cell phone service!

Heading off to Belknap Hot Springs

If you’ve been following our blog, you will know this is one of our favorite weekend spots that’s not too far from home. An hour drive from the valley and that seems to be perfect for being all set up at camp, with a cold beer in hand, before 6pm.🍻


We have several hot springs in Oregon, many are just rocks grouped together to pool the spring water, complete with naked hippies, all part of Oregon’s charm… This one however is privately owned and the hot springs supply water to two different pools. Hippies yes, just not naked!D9461E01-BC48-4BFD-ADEB-ED7C22F04BC2

If Ryan and I are leaving town without children, this is a great destination for unwinding and reconnecting. The wifi is spotty and slow at best, coupled with no cable, it makes for a great place to read and relax. With the acres of trails, ponds and gardens there, it is ideal for outdoor weddings or a romantic couple.

Unfortunately this is not going to be a romantic getaway this time. Its the whole family plus doggies! And we will be taking our new RV out again! Hoping we have a great family trip!

If it is warm enough I am going to blast the AC, something I have wanted for years! When you are camping for two weeks in Central Oregon in the middle of summer, it easily would get over a 100 in our little tent trailer.🙄

What will you be doing this weekend?

Have a great read all set for the weekend?

Gardening plans and just enjoying the backyard?

Spending Sunday celebrating Dad?

Drop us a comment Friday is almost here…


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  1. Oh that sounds beautiful, Lana! And the a/c in your new camper! I hope you’ll post some pics when you are back to normal WiFi! I have had a super busy week – one more day- so hope to get some rest this weekend because I’m really short on sleep. And of course a good book will come along with that and some time in the yard giving some TLC to my plants! Happy camping!!!

    • Thank you…That sounds lovely too! I love your book reviews.. I will most definitely have a blog about our trip! And the comfy camper. 🙂

  2. I am just going to spend some time with the grandkids.
    My RV is in storage still and it’s old so it needs worked on.
    Will definitely be spending time with my Dad as well.

  3. Haha! Love the list, not move and lie on couch 🙏🏽💛 sounds like heaven! It’s Father’s Day this weekend, so I plan to do some baking. Today I practiced a Spanish style flan – delicious!

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