Are you still paying for cable programming?!

We broke up with Comcast

For years Ryan and I have been paying way too much for cable broadcasting. With our home business it just seemed to make sense to have all the channels for when we wanted to watch a children’s movie or when we wanted to be online. We had something they called a bundle package; internet, cable and home security. And boy were we paying for it!67F0B235-0247-4055-B3A1-974273718C6B

In the last few years Ryan has cut way back on the sports he watches. Besides that we only watch the local news, morning and evening. We can access the news online and we also get the paper! Occasionally we will fall inlove with a show on Netflix like Santa Clarita Diet or Disjointed and binge on them for a few months. We really did not need cable. So… what are we doing wasting hundreds of dollars every month for something we don’t need?! Duh…

Millennials knew all along

For you bright young millennials, you already had this figured out long ago. My adult children have never had cable in their homes once they moved out, and I thought they were so weird!🤔

Ryan and I, we are slow. We grew up with cable as children of the 70’s and 80’s. Heck we grew up with VCR’s and corded phones..  you just can’t not have cable! lol19011704-1D2B-4DB8-A746-647A3843A28B

Now what?

So now we are in this place where we need to figure out the next step. Do we get a fire stick for some extra occasional programming? We have Netflix, should we subscribe to Hulu? We will see how it goes..we are feeling really good to have made the break.

What do you do for watching television? We’d love some tips…Do you have satellite service? Do you have a fish tank where your TV would go? How do you get your daily information?

I am feeling really good about this change, we just should have done this years ago! It wasn’t you Comcast, it was us. We just don’t love you anymore.💔

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  1. Lana, such a good post! Please let readers know what you do. We broke from cable too and would love to hear about replacements – so far Amazon Prime and Netflix and youTube fill many voids. Definitely will want to find a way to get some other channels (the Golf Channel, my husband is hooked on that – I confess to viewing some Bravo stuff!) so keep us in the loop! 🙂

  2. We haven’t had cable since our combined bill hit $190 for basic no frills service. We don’t have any other options here for internet so I still have to deal with Cox for that and it’s way overpriced (although I don’t pay the bill–kind of comes with the living situation). We tried hulu years ago and never watched that much. About 3 years ago we found a roku stick in the pawn shop so we use that for PBS Kids, PBS, and NBC app (at least I can watch the broadway “Live” specials). Since I was a student, I got Amazon Prime for a free six month trial…trying to come up with $49 to renew it this month (don’t think that’s going to happen). Some of the free movie apps are okay if you don’t mind commercials every 5 minutes. After the most recent election, I stay away from most “media” and just read the Federal Register and (occasionally for my news in that regard. Even Twitter is getting bad with all the fingers in the ears arguing that goes on. We haven’t had tv in over 18 months. We don’t have any towers close enough to get antenna tv. The only thing I miss is Food Network (their app is basically cable subscribers only), People’s Court (I had watched since the very beginning), and Cartoon Network (their app does have some episodes for free and the occasional free weekend). Since I have the Internet (at least for another 2 weeks) I watch youtube. Even if I had the money though I wouldn’t go back to cable.

  3. We got rid of cable TV over two years ago. We still have cable for our internet because it seems the best option. For TV we just use an indoor antenna and can access several local stations. We can watch the news to get a local weather forecast (not that they are accurate). We also get several channels that play old TV shows. We find that we enjoy the old shows much more than a lot of the garbage that is produced nowadays. One of my favorites in The Beverly Hillbilly’s. My husband loves Gunsmoke. LOL

    • We kept our cable internet too, for now. But since we’re not in a “bundled package” anymore they are charging us a fortune. So I am hoping to switch!
      Who doesn’t love The Beverly Hillbillies! Lol I miss older shows too but from when I was a kid in the 70’s. I loved shows like The Love Boat, Dukes of Hazard and Three’s Company… 😁
      Thanks for sharing Ruth, have a great Friday!

  4. I never been much of a television watcher, I get news on the internet and listen to a few podcast. I do watch to many YouTube videos, but I don’t recommend that.

    • My boys watch a bit of YouTube, but it’s not really my thing. Especially not what they watch… lol I’ve never been a tv watcher either, not since I was a kid. 😊

  5. I would love to ditch Comcast. Sadly for me, they are the only internet provider with speeds that we need (3 gamers in one house). I really wish a competitor would come along so that I can make the break too.

    • We still have them for internet too… just gave up our HD dvr and cable channels… they are charging me about $115 for the high speed and renting the router. I think I’m getting ripped off! Next week I need to call around and see if anything else would work…

  6. I’m one of those millennials that never bought into cable. I “borrow” Netflix logins from my in-laws, but still don’t watch all that much TV. I try to think often about my “future self.” Would it be more advantageous to read a book or to watch a show? Would I learn more from cooking myself or watching the Food Channel? Would I enjoy hanging out with my own friends or watching “reality” TV? Some shows have great story lines, character development and information. Yet, 90% of the time I gain much more by going out and exploring the world around me–having conversations, trying new things or simply being okay with the quiet. For news I check out Drudge Report once daily b/c it compiles top stories without biases, and reducing my expose to breaking news has done wonders for my sanity. Personally, I think ditching cable is a great move–congratulations and good luck!!

    • Thank you!🙏I am like you… I never watched it much..And the daily news really gets me down. But I’m so proud of Ryan for cutting back! I never thought we’d be able to get rid of it, since he loves sports so much! We will see how the change goes…

  7. We loved Santa Clarita Diet! Such good show!!! I have been trying to get my husband to ditch cable too! We have Apple TV so we really don’t need cable. We also switched over to FIOS so we don’t have the same PBS package which is all I really used to watch. My husband is a GenXer and I am a Xennial who didn’t have cable until age 11 and I didn’t have cable in my 20’s at all…so I wouldn’t miss it if we got fid of it. My husband grew up with Cable and is really attached to the idea of it. Funny, to think about. I think he gave up his landline when we were dating because I had’t had a land line since 2001. This post has inspired me to keep nudging to get rid of cable.

    • Great comment… I can’t wait for the next season of Santa Clarita, good luck with ditching cable!😁 🤞🏻I like how you put that, I think we were also hooked on the “idea” of needing to keep cable…

  8. I, personally, don’t watch a lot of TV. When I lived away from home at uni, I had the basic UK Freeview channels, but hardly ever put it on. My parents have cable, as my mum watches a lot of it, but my sister and I when we watch TV together hook the laptop up via HDMI and stream from Amazon Prime/Netflix/YouTube!

  9. I’ve never had cable or TV, EVER…I raised 7 children with no cell phones, tvs, or Ipads etc…it was AMAZING life and adventures, writing, journaling, entertaining each other w art and plays, workouts, pickleball, sports etc…now there all grown and I still would never have one..I have books in place of TV…with pages lol…have fun and silence is bliss.

      • We did the best we can with what we know and its beautiful that your exploring this opportunity now, I look forward to hearing the journey and hearing your creative mind come up with all kinds of new things..have fun…big hugs, I have a ton of VCR movies of the kids I better think about getting to CD quick before it’s too late…yikes time flies.

      • Thank you! Time DOES fly… 🙄 I have lots of old family movies of the kids too… and I’m afraid if I watched them it’d make me sad, so I can’t bear to play them. Lol they just sit in my closet…

      • I feel the same way…and since my son took his new journey to heaven I cant even imagine looking…YET, I have a wonderful new relationship with him from the heavens I focus on, I think watching those would tear me up to peices so they sit…I totally get it…

  10. its always the packages that you end up paying more for. The extras sound great when you are signing up, but you don’t end up using them enough to warrant the cost

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