Thanks so much for all your support!

When I first started our blog, every little chime from my iPad signaling a view or comment had me super jazzed for our growing blog. Occasionally I’d get a few little spikes in views, but I easily dismissed them as mostly likely my mother.😊 love you mom…

But this week has completely exceeded my expectations. Once I posted my 500  followers post I’ve had the highest two days of views ever (and it’s not my mom this time😮).

So even though I’m still a baby blog… thanks so much for supporting us! I hope we are able to give you the same support!

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  1. One of the reasons I like WordPress is they have made it a community type of platform.
    Congratulations on doing so good at building a following and community of your own.

  2. Good morning! I truly love the Colecampfireblog. It’s not because your my daughter it’s because your blogs are so interesting, and it feels like a big family. Your followers write very nice comments. I also like that you take the time to respond to your followers. Your blog definitely reflects your careing personality, your passion for books, and the love you have for your family. love ya from mom

  3. Hello. Congrats to you. You have so much to say and we other bloggers are there to listen and me personally, love to comment as you all become friends. You are doing a fantastic job and I can’t wait to read more of your posts.

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