Belknap Hot Springs

Father’s Day Weekend

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Belated Father’s Day to all the Dad’s, Grandpa’s and single Mom’s! I hope you were able to enjoy your day and weekend! We finally sat ourselves down in the living room by 8 pm Sunday evening from a successful camping weekend and Father’s Day, and we are exhausted.C66C62D9-9AFA-4B9F-B2A4-DD3FAE1CC1EE

Our Weekend

We got off a few minutes early Friday and were on the road by 4pm(ahead of schedule), backing into our campsite by 5:30. We were staying at a small one loop campground run by Belknap Hot Springs called Camp Yale. It is about a mile from the hot springs just off hwy 242.

We zipped over to the lodge, checked in, loaded up on firewood and headed back to camp for our Friday night and a cold home brew(Ryan’s IPA had just finished up a few days before!)

The boys made friends with kids in the campground and built a few different bike ramps. They were a huge hit! I was a bit worried,😢 but luckily no one came back to camp crying or skinned up.

Belknap Hot Springs

Saturday morning was for coffee and doughnuts for the boys, a dip in the hot springs, and a walk through the gardens.

We then had lunch at McKenzie Bridge General Store. We love their outdoor patio area in the summer.

We always drive past the Ranger Station, and we never stop. I remember my parents always taking my brothers and I to every ranger station and fish hatchery we came across growing up, so we pulled over Saturday and wandered around. They still hand out little goodie bags for kids with Smokey the Bear. My boys had no idea who Smokey was but I was a little nostalgic.

Saturday evening brought a little excitement with a thunderstorm. It never got too intense so we still stayed around the campfire.

Sunday morning we took Ryan out for breakfast and packed it all up and headed back down to the valley.

Another successful camping trip. Now we will be counting down 10 days till vacation! Thanks for stopping by. Hope your weekend was as enjoyable as ours!

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