📚Top 10 Books For This Summer!

📚Summer Reading List

I’ve been following a lot of book blogs lately and before vacation starts I wanted to get a bit organized and come up with a summer reading list I’m hoping to beat! If I start my list next Thursday after work for vacation and go through the first week of September, there are roughly 10 weeks!

I am leaving myself room to fill in other books I randomly choose as we go through summer but this is my for sure TBR!877ca9a2-1376-41f4-b2fd-a80c623661da-e1529409566991.jpeg

📚Here we go…

Us Against Them by Fredrik Backman.AE5B01B6-F2E8-4015-BFD2-7BF7AB43A554 I have enjoyed all of Backman’s books especially his lighter stuff I am really fond of; Brit Marie Was Here and A Man Called Ove. This is a sequel to his last book, Beartown a story about a small hockey town.

Song of Achilles By Madeline Miller.  80E8F95B-F89A-4895-8902-669A9BB1B0A4This is a book I’ve seen in so many of your reviews, especially since the latest book has been released The Circe. I almost picked that one up, but figured I’d start here.

Caraval By Stephanie Garber.  3EB2F913-8FD7-436B-8B81-8AAE9E4608FCThis one I bought for the same reason as Song of Achilles, so many great reviews! I am really excited to enjoy these two titles over vacation!   

All the Light We Cannot See By Anthony Doerr. I have had this book on my shelf for several months now. I know it’s one of those amazing stories I will appreciate reading, but for some reason it keeps dropping down my tbr pile. This selection is more of a ok, we’re really gonna do this this time! 

Ender’s Game By Orion Scott Card. I don’t have a lot to go on for this pick either other than it seemed to be a big hit and after the movie came out it stayed in my mind on my tbr list. This is one of the free books from Scholastics a few months back.

The Book Jumper By Mechthild Glaser. This is a title from my Scholastics order, I think I picked this one just because the cover and title appealed to me.59A54793-486A-4F5F-B908-B363C39C4195

The Hate You Give By Angie Thomas. I know this is going to be a sad one, but like so many books I pick up, I just want to read the story and know what it’s all about.

Giver By Lois Lowry. This is just one of those books that you wonder how you haven’t read it yet.

Shoe Dog By Phil Knight. Again, growing up in Eugene Oregon where Nike started out, it’s a book I should have read last year. I started to, but got sidetracked. Maybe on vacation I can wrap this one up and take it off my tbr list!E47221BD-5BE7-4C23-AA4B-65F1639647F2

Orange is the New Black By Piper Kerman. I picked this one up at a campground on their bookshelf for campers. I’ve seen this title on Netflix a bunch. I am not sure it’s my kind of book, but I’ll give it a try.


These are a few others I have on my list. I really want to read Pax to my boys this summer. The President’s Missing was written with Bill Clinton’s help and sounds a bit interesting too!

  • The President’s Missing By James Patterson50130278-7955-40A9-8976-A80FF56191B4
  • Pax By Sara PennyPacker
  • A Higher Loyalty By James Comey
  • Big Little Lies By Liane Moriarty

Ryan.. ok, since you have your summer books picked out, does that mean we won’t need to buy any books till fall?

Seriously Ryan!? 🙄Plans change… new releases happen… amazing reviews… this list is soft at best! 🤣

📚Your Turn

What is on your list for summer? What is your favorite book your excited about reading? I cannot wait to sit by the pool with an amazing book on my lap next weekend! I would love for you to share a link in the comments to your summer reading list! Happy Reading!

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  1. That is a lot of books, I mainly read books on business and I have a few I already bought and have not read so I am going to get the audio books.
    Happy reading and vacationing.

    • That is great! Thank you! I tend to go through spurts of fiction & non-fiction depending on my mood. I sometimes obsess over self-help or nutritional books. Lately I’ve been in the mood to escape! 🤣 Have a wonderful evening!

      • I used to read a lot of self help books, Stephen Covey books helped a lot when I was looking for a new path in life.
        Now days reading blogs has become kinda addicting, I think it would be awesome to be a travel blogger.

  2. This is as great list, Lana! I hope you love the Liane Moriarty book! Too funny about your hubby’s question. 😂 I don’t really have a summer list of books to read yet, but I could probably put something together. I may try to do a post like that. 💕

    • I’d love to see your selection! I’d probably read off your list too! Haha I really liked What Alice Forgot! That’s my fav Moriarty so far… 💗

  3. I’ve been hearing wonderful things about A Song of Achilles and her other book Circe and those are definitely on my shopping list. And Caraval, it looks nice and Night Circus-y so am excited to read that as well. The Book Jumper is another from your list that ‘jumped’ out at me– hadn’t heard of that one and am going to look it up. Great list!

    • Awe! How fun! I am not doing those anymore as it takes me literally 3 hours to do one. Lol 😆
      But I will answer some of your questions…
      1. Greg Iles
      2. A fun book light read… Girl Who Drank the Moon
      3. Reading each morning.
      4. Genuine
      5. As someone that would always be there for my family, friends, neighbors and coworkers.

  4. Great list! The Hate U Give and All the Light We Cannot See are excellent. I tend to be all over the place with my reading but I have a few thrillers and even some horror (rare for me) that I hope to get to this summer 🙂

    • Oh boy! Horror ones too! I’m probably the one adult that actually will still get nightmares from scary movies and books.. 🤣 would love to see your summer list!

  5. This year I’m reading all memoir. So far, I’ve read Men We Reaped, Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl, The Last Black Unicorn, Al the Women in my Family Sing, and Born a Crime. Haven’t figured out my July book yet.

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