Here’s to the WEEKEND!

Its been the first full week of summer in our preschool and we have been slammed with kiddos! This week we’ve had 13 children all week in our 1500 sq ft home. 😳 lol

We are lucky to have a great group of families, it’s been a great week overall…with lots of activities. We let our butterflies free, had ice cream cones, water balloon fights, bubbles, froze water beads, made a poster, made bracelets, built a blanket fort, word searches, hidden pictures, dot to dots… but both Ryan and I are exhausted!

I think we’ve kept everyone happy and busy all week, but we couldn’t be happier waking up to Friday! 🤩

Have a safe and fun weekend! We will be packing and getting everything in order for our trip next week.

How has your week went? Any big plans coming up? What will you be reading over the weekend? I’d love to hear about it…

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  1. My plans are dinner Friday night with friends, possibly a water park with my boyfriend on Saturday, and a free yoga class with my fitness friends on Sunday 😁

  2. I think I would go crazy being around that may kids, my 3 granddaughters are bad about fighting so I have been having a hard time be around all 3 of them at the same time.
    I care for my elderly father so I don’t get to do a lot right now as far as going camping or on trips. We have some family moving to Colorado so we are having a party for them Saturday.
    I just ordered a new book from Gallup and it should be here this weekend.
    The book is suppose to be good for helping people understand what traits they have that apply to their work and in business.
    I want to learn how to help people get over their fear of starting a business so I’m hoping this book will help me understand how to do that.
    The Gallup organization not only does polling and survey’s but they are involved in teaching higher education as well.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with me. Yes, a houseful of Kiddos is a struggle somedays! 🤪
      I hope you enjoy the book you ordered! I have one on the way too. Although it’s only for enjoyment… I hope your weekend goes well!

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