Fay’s Sunday Photos


Painted Hills in Central Oregon


Obsidian Trail, Newberry Crater


Hummingbirds in the backyard


Thunderstorm from our porch


Osprey a mile from home

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    • I’m not sure. I doubt my mother will know, she isn’t good with names anymore. But I was wondering if it was maybe a type of lily? I know the red lilies in my backyard, the hummingbirds go nuts over too! 😊

      • That’s ok! I figured I would ask because we have them here in the medians and I’ve always wondered what they were! It’s one flower I just cannot figure out! It may very well be a type of lily. Your mom takes gorgeous photos! I always love them!

  1. Beautiful photos, makes me want to visit there! I rarely get out of Texas, I’m sure there is more undiscovered beauty here is well, I have never explored the area close to El Paso for instance. I love seeing new folks through my blogging, thanks for stopping by!

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