My Son With His Support Person

For the last 2 years my son has had the support of few different caring and young people involved in his life. Jayden is 8 years old and suffered a brain injury as a newborn baby.  From his injury he is faced with developmental disabilities that impair his learning, working memory, ability to problem solve and make good decisions. Aside from learning issues, having the social skills to build friendships and maintain them has been another struggle.

Having a support person has given Jayden the extra set of eyes to keep him safe, keeping him busy after school so he doesn’t get down on himself or others around him. Part of the effects of his disability can cause Jayden to be depressed and have a negative self image.

Henry, our current support person works incredibly hard to keep this from happening. He is the best thing that’s happened to Jayden this past year. He helps Jayden with his hygiene reminders, social skills, bedtime routines, and reward charts. He works really hard to give Jayden all the experiences that he would otherwise miss out on, always maintaining a non-reactive and calm disposition around him, even when Jayden is really worked up.

They spend a great deal of their time together at parks, interacting with other children, learning social skills, recognizing good and not so good behaviors and picking up on social cues. These activities at the same time do wonders for his self esteem.

They often take trips to museums, the planetarium, the library, a trampoline park and they are always at the pool it seems! Jayden had become quite the swimmer! They spend most of their time outdoors when they can, building Jayden’s confidence with sports. They play disc golf, basketball, football, ride bikes and fly his kite.

Henry is an amazing young man that puts all of himself into his work when he is with Jayden. He is never distracted by his phone, and is 100% present when he is interacting with Jayden. I don’t know how we will replace him when he leaves for college at the end of the summer.

If you have free time and this sounds inspiring to you, consider being a support person to someone that needs a buddy in your area. In our community they are incredibly short staffed on support workers and they are so valuable to the children and families they serve.


Thanks for reading and supporting our family blog! And thank you Henry for being the amazing person you are!

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    • Awe… that’s such a sweet comment! It’s such a needed support and allows kids and adults to be out in the community! 🤗🤗🤗Thank you!😊

  1. My last job I started out as a support person and after a few years ended up as the director of the program. It was always important to find a good fit. I understand that there is also a shortage of support persons in our area. It doesn’t pay a lot but it is incredibly rewarding work. Thanks for sharing this Lana.

  2. Wonderful share, Lana! I am sure Jayden will hold so many of those special memories with Henry in his heart and they will always be part of him. I hope you find a new support person who is equally special. 💕

  3. That is amazing, I will have to say this is the first time I have heard of support people like this but I can see the need and how much of a blessing it most be for you and your son.

    I hope you you find the right person when the time comes for Henry to go to college.

    • Thanks a lot Mark, it is a big part of our life. It gives me a break at times, and keeps Jayden busy having fun! We are all hoping Henry will come visit us on vacation for a few days.

  4. How COOL to have a support person!
    Love these photos. He looks so happy to be out doing all of those activities. That one with him pointing at the ducks is adorable

    • Thank you! We are so lucky to have him in our life! ☀️ Yesterday they went roller skating, saw a movie and shot off a water rocket at the park. Loads of fun! 😎

  5. I just found your blog — it is awesome! I love that you keep an active outdoor life with your son. My oldest, now in his 30s, has autism. When he was young we took him and his brother camping, sailing, and traveling. Sure, there were challenges at times. But I believe that he is a more social and independent adult as a result of those experiences.

  6. This was such an informative post. How can I find out more about caregivers? It sounds like a wonderful service to the community.

    • Thank you so much! Im so glad it was helpful! I would call your county services. Our services are through are through Lane County Developmental Disability Services. Hopefully you have something like this program in your area.

  7. What a wonderful experience for both your son and his support person. As someone who works with children, I know that I get so many benefits from spending time with my young clients. It really can be a magical relationship.

  8. What a wonderful idea to have a child as a support person. Not only does it benefit your son, but it also gives another child the opportunity to grow his empathy, learn patience, and develop confidence. Awesome!

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