Top 10 Tuesday-What NOT to forget for vacation!

No matter how many lists I make(and I do make plenty), we can never escape the feeling of leaving something behind. Usually I can even name what I forgot before we are even out of town. I thought it would make for a silly top 10 list. I’d love to know what you have forgotten on some of your trips!3ABDD968-1F50-40F5-874F-AB27F128A421

  1. The remote to the blue-ray player! This happened last weekend actually, and we even had movies to watch with a thunderstorm that drove us indoors. And of course it was one of those cheap blue-ray players that won’t do a darn thing without the remote!
  2. Our Go Pro Camera! We forget this all the time because we hardly ever use it, but when you are going to be in water, this camera rocks!
  3. Snacks for the trip! Sometimes I will put a few goodies in the fridge and we are in such a rush to get out the door, they get left behind.
  4. I have forgotten to pack my bathing suit, and so has Ryan on different trips.
  5. I have forgotten our iPhone chargers a few times! What a pain that is!62F1F7D6-27E3-446B-96D9-5F9B98043C0B
  6. Joey has forgotten to pack socks!
  7. Jayden has literally left the house without any shoes! He just got in the car barefoot for a weekend trip and figured I’d packed even his shoes! 😳
  8. One trip I brought everything for sandwiches and didn’t bring the bread.
  9. I am guilty of one trip forgetting to pack food for the dogs. I know this one makes me feel bad. They didn’t starve or anything, we went and bought them food. 🐶
  10. With our old coffee pot, one trip we forgot to pack filters and Ryan used a paper towel. It actually worked ok.

What is the worst thing that didn’t make it on your trip? I can’t wait to read your comments. Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. The worst thing I’ve forgotten at home is my glasses, when we went on a ski trip a few years ago. I wear contacts most of the time but by the end of the day my eyes are tired and I switch to glasses. It’s not something you can pick up on the road! I’ve never forgotten them again.

  2. Invisible PB&J bread for everyone!!

    My number one stupid mistake has been my wallet. Can’t count how many times I’ve ran off without it, having to circle back and pick it up. It has made for some frustrating outings, especially if I don’t notice until I’m getting ready to get something important… like gas!

  3. I forgot to pay my employees once before leaving on vacation, back when I owned a heating and conditioning business. They wasn’t to happy but they still worked while I was gone.

  4. I love your list! 🙂 The most recent trip, we forgot our tent! On a trip to the Redwoods we forgot our sleeping bags. We have forgotten bug spray when we visited Minnesota! YIKES! We usually forget something. 🙂

  5. I don’t know about forgot but we had a horse throw a shoe on day one of a six day pack trip. My dad rode back out to find a rubber boot. So we know we need them for next time. Without the boot he would have been lame within the day due to the rocky trail. So it was essential.

  6. Some of these are so funny!! These days I always know I’m going to forget something obvious so I always expect there is going to be one quick trip to Target at the beginning of every vacation 😀 Happy Summer!!

  7. Id cry if I forgot my snacks!
    Yes,I’d need my towel from home. When I was in India, I saw some guests misusing bath sheets. U cringed knowing it would be washed and used again by some unsuspecting person… So yes I want my own towel.

  8. This is such a funny list, Lana! My practical mom would say to make a standing list to check off each time. I would probably use it a few times and them promptly forget about the list! 😂

  9. Thank you Lana Cole! That was CampFire of Likes. WordPress tells me it was my best day of Likes. Thank you for your kindness as lighting the LIke-Fire 🙂 Warm regards. and Best wishes. Jay

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