Vacation? Or anticipation of vacation?

Ryan and I need a vacation from prepping for vacation! Usually I am the one to say I prefer the idea of vacation over even vacation. I love the idea of  the holiday season more than Christmas morning.

I love the hope and anticipation that comes along with knowing something good is coming our way. Since I was a little girl I would get my suitcase out weeks before and slowly start filling it with my special items for the trip.

I am still the same(on the inside)lol, 40 years later, not a last minute packer. The chaos and lack of organization that comes with throwing everything in the RV drives me bonkers!

This trip my special items will be the Verizon Jetpack I ordered so we will have unlimited internet in our RV and the new books Ryan and I have for the trip to read by the pool!


As much as I always love the build up to a trip, this week has been exhausting!

  • We have had to buy a timer and set up two stations to keep our garden watered since my parents are coming with us, I can’t ask them to water. Programming it made me really feel my age. 😤
  • We’ve had to get our house inside and out in shape. No one wants to come home to a messy house, surrounded by a jungle. We’ve pulled weeds, trimmed bushes and steam cleaned the carpet.
  • The RV needed a rack for our bikes and the bikes all needed a tune up, since Ryan and I have yet to ride our bikes this year.
  • With a small business we’ve had to get billing out and wrap up the end of the month paperwork.
  • We’ve written and rewritten our grocery list, meal planning list, packing list and budget a thousand times over. I’m not good at monthly budgeting, send me on a family trip for 2 weeks and I am 10x worse than that.. 🤪
  • Grocery store and Costco trip.
  • Make arrangements for Bob(our cat) and our 2 rats(Chewie and Stitch). I may need to talk Ryan into a kitty door before we leave!🤩
  • Oil change, wash and vacuuming out the Yukon.


Are we overthinking it, or do you do this to yourself too? It’s driving me crazy. I still have to pack food and clothes for 4 people, and I’m completely spent. What does your pre-vacation planning look like? Do you have a system for controlling the chaos?

I cant wait to start our trip, and I know it will be amazing once we’re there, it just feels like we have to climb a mountain before we even leave the house.🤪

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  1. Vacations can definitely be stressful! Especially the planning and packing! But soon you’ll be on that great vacation, and it’ll be worth it! Like you, I make lots of lists because I’m the only planner around here! Everyone else needs me to do it! 😂

  2. I just pack the necessity’s like clothes and personal care stuff and buy everything else on the fly. I don’t really start thinking about what to pack until a few days before we leave. My life is pretty simple right now because the kids are grown and I don’t own much anymore because I been downsizing.
    I live with my elderly father and I can’t talk him into going on a vacation, my mother pasted away in January and he is still adjusting to her passing.

    • Packing light is always the nice way to travel. Much simpler and easier. So hard to so recently lose a mother, and a spouse for your dad. 💗💗🤗🤗

  3. Ugh! I agree, you need a vacation before and after you come back from VACATION! I’ll be there soon, we booked our annual Disney trip to Orlando and will be leaving next month for a few days – we’re 4 hours away. But with little ones, 4 hours can seem like 4 days! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, I get the kids movies going the minute we get on the road 🙌🏽

    • Exactly!! Wow that sounds like an amazing trip! I can’t wait to see posts on that! Packing and planning trips with a family is hard for sure… ☀️💗

      • Thank you! I’ll be sure to document the chaos – I mean fun! Yes, it’s time consuming, I like lists, making lists, the old fashioned way, pen and paper. It takes a lot of the stress off. For some reason I often think the bulk of the planning lands on mom. Or no?!

  4. definitely worth cleaning the house before you go, however keep in mind that hard work will go unnoticed when you return as you will immediately unpack everything into that clean house and be back to square one

  5. The preparations are mighty, as they say. Organizing is not my strong suit…getting ready puts me in a tizzy. Can’t imagine doing it with your crew. Keep up the good work.

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