Bend, Oregon

First Day At Camp

Some of my favorite vacations haven’t been to a special destination or an itinerary filled to the brim with new experiences. Those things are all great, and have their place. But what my mind and body usually craves is a week or two of no schedules, details, expectations of any kind.


Sitting by the pool reading while the boys swim


Kiddie pool

My next plan for each day is made as my mood strikes me. If we’re hungry we eat, if we’re bored we hit the bike trails or swim at the pool, if we’re tired, we take a nap. If only life could always be that easy…


Huge baskets all around the poolside I kinda liked em, so did the bees

So far the only thing on my to do list is my stack of books by my bedside, and my biggest decision each day will be when do I have my first margarita.🤔


Jayden heading out on his bike

We have our Verizon Jetpack set up and working great for WiFi. Which means I can blog, read your blogs, we can watch Netflix if the mood strikes or play our Spotify playlist all from our RV now which makes me very happy. 🤩

We have a campsite right next to my parents in section L, my favorite section because it’s closest to the lodge and pool. I even turned on the AC today for the first time, sure enough… it works!


Joe playing a board game with a friend he just made at the pool

It’s a bit cloudy today, probably 75. Not the best day for the pool but the boys were going crazy for some pool time so we did the pool thing for a few hours.


My parents’ campsite next door


Time to send the blog to you guys and have my first margarita! Happy Friday friends! Here’s to an awesome weekend! 🍹

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  1. Our best vacation ever was the time my hubby and I just took off and drove with no plans and no reservations. The kids were with a friend for the week and we had a ball. Hope you have a great vacation as well. 🙂

  2. Since I been helping my parents my vacations have been taking them to visit family.
    Mom passed away in January and I can’t get dad to talk about taking a vacation yet.
    I hope to get back in to camping but dad doesn’t like camping.
    Have a super wonderful day.

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