Sunriver’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday June 30th

This was our busiest day of our vacation! The day started out a bit of a disappointment as we had to return our Verizon Jetpack into Bend😩(a long story for another day and a big bummer). So we decided to make it a day away from camp. We headed into Bend midday and after we finished up with Verizon we went to have dinner at our favorite taco shop, Longboard Louis’. They have amazing vegan burritos and the boys love their tacos, so yummy! We have been stopping here every trip for a few years.😋

Sunriver’s Celebration Tie Dye and Bouncy House

I love festivals behind the Sunriver Lodge, you have the view of Mount Bachelor with the Three Sisters off in the distance, the meadow and Deschutes River. It is my heaven. If you haven’t seen last year’s Night Glow Festival we were at check it out, it was beautiful.🤩

We set up our blanket and chairs on the back lawn for the band High Street to start performing at 6:30pm. The kids jumped in the bouncy houses and made tie dye shirts that I am really excited for. I hope they turn out. The band played mostly music from the 60’s and 70’s in honor of their anniversary. Lots of couples out dancing on the lawn and it was another great people watching event!

Banana Split Competition

The campground every year has a banana split competition. It has been going on for so long that I remember doing it when I was a kid, so roughly a million years ago. Joey is not a fan of ice cream so he bowed out, but Jayden was up for the fun! It was shady under the cover, making it hard to see, but the banana split is 12 feet long in this gutter, with whip cream, nuts, sprinkles and even a few cherries! 🍒

It was silly, but it makes for good memories for the kids, at least that is what I hope. I did these same activities with my adult children and they have yet to visit thousand trails or Sunriver as an adult, so who knows.. But it is what I know, so here we are!

Thousand Trails Movie Night

Last plan for the day, it is almost 9pm and no-one has past out yet so we’re off to the old town square in Thousand Trails for the weekend outdoor movie, Pacific Rim Uprising. Surprisingly the boys actually liked this movie despite how late it was. Every year all the bunnies come out from the bushes to feast on the movie goers’ treats. I am told this black one will let you pet him, but we weren’t that lucky.

Then it was time to go back to camp scratch our mosquito bites and get ready for another day at camp!😴

If some of our family fun appeals to you and you live in the US, you should look into a membership to Thousand Trails. They have zone passes and nationwide memberships for full-time RVers. It has given my family a lifetime of memories and dreams of being full-timers in Thousand Trails someday.

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  1. I love seeing your family have so much fun! This looks like a wonderful place to be— so much to do! I hope you are loving every minute of your vacation! I am sorry to hear about the Jetpack, though.

    • Thanks so much Jennifer! We are enjoying every single minute! And yes, that darn jet pack.. such a bummer, always glitches in the master plan… but if that’s our biggest trouble, I can live with that!
      I wish everyone’s life could be as fun and easy as a laid back vacation.. wouldn’t that be heaven!
      -I am behind on my reading.. lol

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