10 Things That Should Be On Everyone’s Camping Bucket List

  1. Roasting marshmallows or any type of food by the campfire.🔥We bought these little packets off Amazon that turn the flames of the fire different colors. Makes the campfire just a extra more fun.
  2. A float down the river or on the lake, get wet and cool off. 😎If your not able to, hopefully you can take a dip in a pool or put your feet in the river.
  3. Go on a hike. Or at least a walk or bike ride through camp. This is something Ryan and I love doing in the early evening. The smells of dinner cooking outside and families gathering around the campsite makes me super happy. We take our glass of wine and wander through the campground looking at all the different RV’s and camp decor.1A39A031-CF09-461D-8AC0-84C39397FEE8
  4. Photograph nature. I don’t own a camera 😏but most phones and iPads work great! This is really calming for me, it usually means your in a quiet place and having to be pretty patient for the right picture(usually no kids).
  5. Take a drive exploring your area, maybe take a forest service road to see where you end up! Some of my favorite critters we’ve spotted have been on a road trip exploring the area. Usually the best time for this is early morning.
  6. Happy Hour, try a new drink or local beer. Vacation is all happy hour at our camp. My go to drink to sip on at camp is a low carb margarita or a glass of red wine. I love the IPA’s but I just can’t drink all those carbs, it makes me gain weight. 🤫 But my favorite IPA from Sunriver brewing is called the Vicious Mosquito! Love the name, and I’ve met a few at camp too.
  7. Try your luck at a sport… fishing, horseshoes, shuffleboard, or even a card or board game. When I was a kid I would always play gin rummy with my grandma at camp. I enjoy cribbage, and scrabble too. Ryan always beats me at trivial pursuit so I didn’t pack that game this trip. 🤨48DFEE60-B863-4B93-A904-0FD54DA61929
  8. Strike up a conversation with a fellow camper. I am not a very social person, but for some reason when we are camping I love meeting new people and hearing about their travels. We met a few fulltime rvers at the pool yesterday. It’s so interesting and fun to connect with other campers.
  9. Read a book. You can read by the river, at camp, at the pool.. Pick up a local author, or something on the outdoors! Ryan is reading a surfing book this morning while I write my blog and I am reading Fredrik Backman’s Us Against You. I always, always have my book!
  10. Look to the sky at night. Some times this is hard for Ryan and I since we go to bed so early. Just last night by the campfire I said I was off to bed and my dad says, your going to bed already? How old are you anyways? 😳 But if your not like me, laying under the stars is amazing when your away from the city lights. 

Thanks for reading my top 10 Tuesday post, and I hope your able to camp this summer, or whenever it’s summer in your part of the world…

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  1. My vote for a creepy campfire book goes to The Troop by Nick Cutter. Not for the faint of heart, though!

    Regarding the IPA craze that has taken the world by storm, we’re not on board. Both of us hate IPAs. Give us a stout or a porter any day over that stuff. Dark Belgians are where it’s really at, though. Couple of personal recommendations: Abt 12 by St. Bernardus or On Fleek by Stillwater. If you can find either of these, give it a shot on your next trip! A little pricey but well worth it if you want a change of pace from the IPA obsession.

  2. I’m like you, I love IPA’s but that might be my English background. I also love stout and porter and that’s definitely my Irish Mothers family rearing their heads! The question is, since I took citizenship – what should I drink now? Root beer?!
    Oh and that book/bed combination is my happy place too!

    • It isn’t exactly a happy story, but probably all too common. A story of a small town desperately in love with their sport, hockey. Willing to do almost anything to save it.
      But despite that, yes I am enjoying it! Ive come down to the lodge just now to write my WWW post for the morning. I feel like a kid who hasn’t finished their book report in time… lol I keep trying to read but there are too many distractions. 🙂

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