4 months and counting…🔥

We started our little blog 4 months ago today! It isn’t getting thousands of views each day or making us any money, but that’s ok! It’s been really rewarding in many other ways.

I’ve found so many amazing blogs that I now go to you for information. If I’m wanting a vegan recipe, a craft idea for my preschool, a book or movie review, advice about parenting or autism, I now look it up on WordPress!

We all share so much of ourselves with our blog community.  Even the posts about your struggles, I find comforting. It lets us know we’re not alone in our battles. We are all just doing the best we can!

So here it is, my blog in numbers…

Posts: 181

Views: 17159

Visitors: 6698

Followers: 644

My biggest day in views: 484

Here are my most viewed posts in the last 4 months…

Gray Whales of Depoe Bay

Talented and Gifted

Our Maiden Voyage

Top 10 Favorite Children’s Picture Books For Preschoolers

Camping Thousand Trails, Sunriver Oregon

My Son With His Support Person

Thanks for your support! Feel free to leave your link in the comments and find some new blogs to follow!

😃Happy Blogging!

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  1. [ Smiles ] You have a lovely blog here and I can clearly see the reason why people like it.

    Four months is definitely an achievement, since a lot of people tend to abandon their blogs in three weeks’ time.

    I do wish all the best with your blog and keep blogging!

    • I am not sure what really works but some of the things I try to do…
      I try to post across lots of topics to get noticed by more potential followers.
      I try to connect with everyone that likes any of my posts, whether commenting or liking back.
      I try to read and comment on tons of blogs, not just my followers.
      And I try to post daily.
      Basically I have moved in with WordPress.. 🤣I am always on my iPad it seems… lol
      What I’ve read on your blog looks super interesting and well put together! I think it’s awesome, and I love the name!! Happy Camping!!

  2. Yay, Lana, this is awesome! Congrats! I didn’t know you were sort of a newbie when I started mine (which, funny enough, was 2 months ago today?!). I’m so happy to know you. I look forward to your posts and pictures! Congrats to 4 months and many more! ♥️ And Happy 4th!

    • Thank you Jennifer! Your so sweet!! Happy 4th to you too! Yep…we’re newbies! 😃🇺🇸 and happy blogiversary to you as well! ☀️

  3. Congratulations on doing so good for only blogging for 4 months.
    WordPress is very community centered and user friendly.
    They say that around 500 new blogs are started every week but that only about 100 of those keep writing for 2 months. Out of the 100 most of them stop writing before 6 months.
    My first blog was on a different platform and I mainly did book reviews but I lost interest around the 6 month time frame.
    At one time I was following over 100 travel bloggers because that is what I want to do in the future. Most of them were trying to earn the money to support there travels with their blogs by using affiliate marketing for shopping websites. All but a few of them ended up having to go back to regular jobs because the type of affiliate marketing they were trying to do only works if the followers spend a lot of money at the affiliate shopping websites.
    That is why I am doing my blog on building a life time residual income, I learned not to make the same mistake they made.
    The best way to stay motivated is to build a community with other bloggers, that is the advice the WordPress leadership gives and what the famous bloggers say.
    Keep writing and posting and have a super wonderful day.

    • Wow, that’s very interesting. Thank you for sharing that info. Sounds like you’ve been really working at this for a while. 😊 you’ve got a lot figured out…

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