Bend, Oregon

Holiday fun at camp

Adult/Child Horseshoe Tournament

The boys said their was another kids tournament this morning at 8:30 am. Come to find out it was kid with parent or grandparent tournament, so Ryan and I got roped into playing. 😜Not how I had planned to spend my Tuesday morning but it ended up being fun. Needless to say Joey did not win a medal with his mom as a partner. 😩


I am a wild horseshoe thrower…🙄

Rocket 🚀 Launch

We let Jayden and Joe pick out this rocket and surprisingly it shoots super high. It was lots of fun!

Laundry Day

Every 10 day vacation has at least one day for laundry, unless you wear your clothes inside out and backwards.. and that day was today. I got the boys’ tie dye shirts clean and brought all the laundry back to camp.


I think their first tie dye shirts turned out awesome!


When we plan our family trips I love to include board games and at least one puzzle, all the things our busy life doesn’t allow much time for. So today after laundry we broke out the chess, cribbage, cornhole, and a Smurf puzzle. 😜

Bicycle 4th of July Parade Through Camp

Every year the campground gives out decorations for all the kids’ bikes, streamers, balloons, and flags! And around mid day we go through the camp with a loud horn and all the campers watch families ride past. It was the biggest biking parade I’ve seen here. Dozens and dozens of children and families.



I think this is one of the cutest 4th of July parade videos for a campground… Jayden had so much fun decorating his bike. I hope everyone has a safe evening if your in the US. Have a great night!

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  1. This all looks so wonderful, Lana. Those tie dye shirts turned out perfectly! I’ve never had one turn out that well! Also love how happy your kids look with playing games, decorating their bikes, etc. That is a nice parade. Happy 4th of July! 🎇

  2. I am in delight over your down to earth joys. Oh. I emailed you a question via your website. It’s Question from Toad in the Subject line.

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