WWW Wednesday Book Update

📚Vacation update

While sitting by the fire last night I was telling my dad about my blog. I told him on Wednesday’s I write about the books that I’m reading, that I’ve read and what I plan to read next.

People care about that?

Ya Dad, I follow a lot of book bloggers that I really love! They have the best reviews, books that I want to read or have read. I love it!

Well… once you read the review, isn’t that enough? You don’t have to read the book then right? Isn’t that like reading the book?

Nevermind Dad, you don’t understand…😳

📚What have I just finished reading?E47221BD-5BE7-4C23-AA4B-65F1639647F2

Unfortunately I have a trailer full of books that I have the best intentions of reading, but I am still on the same book I started on Thursday night. So the last book I finished was Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. If you want to know the history of the brand, Nike, and learn about some of the people surrounding the U of O Track Team, this is a great book. I gave it 5 stars.

📚What am I reading now?AE5B01B6-F2E8-4015-BFD2-7BF7AB43A554

On the drive over the mountains I started Us Against You by Fredrik Backman on audio. I should have finished it days ago but I have literally not been alone once. Originally I wanted to read Elin Hilderbrand’s Perfect Couple but I wanted to be able to enjoy it completely by the pool so I put off starting it, and here I am mid vacay and I am slacking on my reading!!!

Us Against You continues the story of Beartown. A hockey team that has the whole town turned upside down. It reminds me of a book I read about Missoula, Montana. About how a series of sexual assaults and how the town looks the other way. Beartown’s story is different, yet the people in this small town similarly believe and support anything that keeps their hockey town alive, just like Missoula. I am enjoying Backman’s writing but A Man Called Ove and Brit Marie was Here are still my favorite books by him.

📚What I am going to read next!

I am definitely planning on Perfect Couple this next few days. We have been so busy atimage camp that we need a day or two of just hanging out. And if I finish that by miracle, then it will be Caraval!

I know I am a few books behind this week, and I haven’t read one book to the preschoolers since I left Thursday…

Awe vacation..🤩

Happy Reading Everyone!

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  1. Lol I love the convo with your Dad! It’s like our reviews are Cliff’s Notes (or Spark Notes). 😊 I can’t wait for your thoughts on The Perfect Couple and also Caraval! I haven’t read that one yet! Enjoy your reading, no matter when you are able to get to it! 💕

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