We spotted a unicorn at camp!

Another day of biking along the river!

We circled all of Sunriver on trails today, we went about 8 miles. We have a few spots to stop along the way, this bridge is one of them. It’s truly beautiful here… 🤩



Always people floating down in tubes, canoes, kayaks, SUP and rafts..



We always stop along the way for an ice cream treat!



I’m not with this guy… crazy hippie tourist! 🤣


I had to take this picture, a few of my preschoolers LOVE unicorns (Elijah and Kyli). 🦄 

So far we have spotted 17 deer, endless squirrels and birds and 1 lizard. No coyotes or elk yet. 🙄 sigh…

Have a great night everyone! Another big day biking for us tomorrow!

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  1. I love the unicorn float! 🦄 It speaks to my inner 80s child! Are you all vegans? I think I read that you are? I’m a vegetarian and I eat a lot of vegan meals…I have not given up cheese completely (can easily give up eggs). Anyway, I love that! Looks like a really fun day riding the trails together! So many special memories. ♥️

    • The funny thing about the unicorn float, it wasn’t even a kid on it, but an adult. Lol A child at heart I suppose.
      Ryan and I became vegan a little over 2 years ago, but we haven’t forced it on the kids. So Jayden especially still loves ice cream!
      I do miss cheese the most.

      • I could see it was an adult and it made me smile! I would totally do that because I wouldn’t have anything in the water! (I am so weird and only like clear water (scared of snakes!) but I love to be on the water!) That is wonderful about doing it for two years. I have tons of vegan cookbooks! I wish giving up cheese was as easy as giving up soda! I did that so many years ago I’ve lost count (definitely over 5), and the only time I miss it is if I’m really sick.

      • That’s really inspiring, I gave it up about 2 months ago and it is harder for me than being vegan!
        Last year on the same river, we did see a snake slither across the water in front of our canoe.. icky! And we are supposed to do a Family tube float tomorrow! Yikes!

      • Just keep yourself up out of the water! I love tubing, but I like the tubes with something in the center. 😂 I can’t wait to hear about it, and you are going to have so much fun! Well, you give me hope, too, because I thought the soda was easier than cheese! Do you drink coffee? I’m also not a coffee drinker, so that may have made it easier because I am totally caffeine free except for chocolate. It really may be harder because of the caffeine effect, but you are doing great if you’ve lasted two months! I think you are over it! ♥️

      • I’ve went this long before and still caved.. haha 🤣 and yes! Our tubes have the netting in the center so we’re not in the water.. I will have to remember to charge my go pro to get some fun pictures!
        I downloaded the kindle app and put in the kindle email but for some reason the book I picked is still not showing up. Maybe it’s a slow download… hmmm 😐

      • Thank goodness for the netting! For the soda, don’t give in this time. You know what it’s the hardest on? The teeth. I think that’s what finally got me. The acid was starting to affect the enamel and my dentist told me so. You can’t get enamel back. So I was done! (Just telling you in hopes that it helps). No you should have the book already. First, what book did you get??? ♥️ Second, there’s another step. You have to go into your Amazon account and put Netgalley in there as an approved sender of emails to your device. That should be in the help section I think? So you give NG your kinde’s email address, but you also have to have NG listed in your Amazon account. Does that make sense? Otherwise anyone could send books to your kindle (or viruses or spam).

      • Yes… I am trying to link it all. I think I’m getting closer to getting it all linked up! I picked a thriller… can’t remember the title.
        And for sure about soda and my teeth! I could feel the difference when I stopped drinking it!

      • Ok… Netgalley is linked to my iPad and I picked a thriller called… the secrets that we keep. 😁 only took me all morning. Haha
        Thank you Jennifer!!

      • One more thing, if you end up reading a lot electronically and don’t have one already, think about getting a Kindle Paperwhite or regular Kindle. Amazon Prime Day is coming up and they will be pretty cheap! That’s what I read on mostly, and it’s much easier on my eyes than my iPad. 😊

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