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Sunday’s Animal Encounters

We were really excited to see two coyotes this morning before we headed back home. Unfortunately my iPad is not meant for taking wildlife photos. So they aren’t very good. You will have to use your imagination a bit to get the full effect. 😳


Deschutes River at 7 am this morning looking for critters.


Near the Nature Center a mother and her 2 babies.


I only had my iPad but it in the middle of the photo is a coyote about to cross the fence, I promise. I need a decent camera, 🙄I know…


This deer was eating, minding his own business until he spotted the coyote and he just froze and watched him. 

This was the second coyote. The first one crossed the road and this one wanted to too… after we passed him he crossed the road and headed into the woods.

I think this blog highlights my need for a real camera more than our animal encounters…


 Me taking pictures Sunday morning..🙄

We are home safe and sound, with the only Mountain View in sight, our laundry pile. Trying to be positive, I forgot how fast our home internet is compared to sharing internet at the Lodge. And boy, my recliner is pretty comfy too..

But I’d leave again tomorrow if this blog had enough followers to support our family traveling full time. Until then, preschool starts at 7 am Monday morning! We’re going to need a lot of coffee tomorrow…

Have a good night everyone!

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  1. I see the coyote!!! How cool. They are so distinctive. And the deer in the last one with the antlers and i love the little baby deer. How cute! I could see all of them just fine. I like the mist on the water in the morning picture a lot

  2. I could see it! I love all of these pics! I take most of my blog pics with my Samsung Galaxy phone. I can’t remember if it’s an S8 or 9 but I got it back near the holidays! I love my digital SLR too, but I’m not always the best at carrying it around with me.

    • I was really frustrated with that coyote picture… lol usually my iPad works fine at home or close ups. I love it And my iPhone too! But it doesn’t cut it for wildlife photos anymore. Phones have really good cameras on them too! Just no darn zoom!
      I am wondering if on prime day they would have sales on the cannon cameras. That’s what I’m really wanting!

      • You are right- I forgot my zoom is not that good! Great idea to check Prime Day for a camera! Some things they preview early, so take a peek, and I will let you know if I happen to see one listed!

      • Believe it or not, I don’t think so? I have gone overboard on so many Prime days. I bought a Kindle for everyone in the family- they are so reasonable! But I had an alert on my phone today that they are listing tips already, so if a preview isn’t up yet, it will be soon. Oh, just remembered, I bought our first smart TV on Prime Day, and it has been amazing!!!! I went back and bought the newer version of the same TV. I think it was $150 on Prime Day! (See this why I can’t even look!). 😂

      • Haha… I totally understand! If my camera goes on sale or possibly that kindle reader… I will def be tempted. 😃

      • They really do have the best deals! My smart TV is two years old now and no problems whatsoever. Still seems brand new! (And we don’t watch it very much because we’re reading all the time!) 😂

  3. There are a lot of coyotes in my neighborhood in Portland. Fun to spot them. Not great for pets. My cat came home with a gouge out of the base of its tail. I thought he got in an epic cat fight. But my neighbor told me he was driving and chased down a coyote carrying my cat in his mouth. 🙀 The coyote thankfully dropped him. I think my cat lost 3-4 lives on that one.

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