Dreaming of Prime Day 2018…

Prime Day starts July 16th at 12pm PST🤑

Just 6 more days, It’s right around the corner.

I have a few items on my watch list and here they are…

  1. If you’ve been reading my blog and noticing the quality of my photos, then you already know… I need a camera! I have my sights on a Cannon Rebel T6. Crossing My fingers!🤞🏻
  2. I broke my Apple Watch ⌚️ over vacay 😩and I am not planning on replacing it, but I do want to get a Fitbit. I miss tracking steps! It keeps me honest…
  3. Maybe a book or two… just maybe.🤥
  4. My iPad is great for blogging but I am wanting to look into to a Kindle paper white for just reading. It can’t be good staring at this iPad as much as I do already.
  5. Last thing is, Joey turns 11 years old in the end of the month so maybe something for him. He wants a PS4, 😳 I don’t think so…

These are all wish list items at this point… but who knows! Is there something you’ve been waiting on the right price? The deals are so good it makes for a fun day to track the sales.

For whatever your shopping for, think about shopping through our Amazon link below. You can sign in just the same and allows me a few pennies on the dollar to help with our blog.. 🙏 It doesn’t cost you any extra. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Oh no, what happened to your Apple Watch?? I just got a new FitBit Versa about two weeks ago and I’m really pleased with it! I’ve used a FitBit pretty much since they came out. Love your watchlist! I have my fingers crossed for you and that camera. 🤞 You will love having a paperwhite! ♥️

    • Thank you! I upgraded to the business account on WP, I hope it isn’t annoying to have to click on the link. I wasn’t expecting that to happen for some reason. I am not sure I am liking it.
      As for my Apple Watch, I have no clue. It just stopped working one day. It won’t charge, it won’t do anything. Costco says the return policy for it is 90 days and I bought it in November. So I am a bit annoyed with that. So no more Apple Watch for me, I will go back to the Fitbit. I was looking at the versa!! I liked my Apple Watch but I actually had to give up all my Fitbit buddies. lol I know that sounds funny, but it always helped me to work harder. 🙂

  2. I didn’t notice that I had to click the link, but I usually go directly to your posts anyway when I see there is a new one. 💕 What I did notice was the commenting was weird- like it didn’t show up, and that sometimes happens on business accounts I’ve noticed? Not a big deal, but I almost posted again! 😂 Oh, I would be so mad about your watch. Do you have an Apple store nearby? Even if you didn’t buy it from them, you should take it in there. There has to be a solution for that. November- that’s crazy! They can probably do some kind of reset on it – or something! I took my iPad there when I broke it, and it didn’t matter that I bought it elsewhere. I am loving this Versa! I got the one with the rose gold face and the limited edition woven band- kind of purple pink? Reminds me of the 80s!

    • That is a good idea about the Apple Store. I could at least call them to see how they would handle a repair.. I lose patience with too much runaround on those things. We also are taking our RV in for the furnace not working for the 3rd time since Memorial weekend when we bought it!!

      • I feel like Apple will do something for you with it not even being a year old. You spent too much money on it for it to die like that. I understand about losing patience. You shouldn’t have to get something fixed that you just bought. I am so sorry about the Twitter followers. Hopefully they will come back.

      • Its a great idea about the Apple Store, I am going to call them in the morning1 You are right it was TOO much money for it to die after what 7 months!?

    • Oh awesome! Thanks for sharing that with me! That really helps to hear that! I am still coming to terms with spending the money… but I am getting closer to a yes!

      • It’s worth it. We use ours all the time and make a point to take it with us everywhere. Once you get used to it I would definitely suggest getting a couple of different lenses for different distances (especially since you like wildlife photography).

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