TTT..Top 10 Reasons For Blowing Our Budget😳


After vacay I was looking at our finances and this list popped in my head. Ryan and I have always struggled with being conservative with our money when it comes to enjoying our weekends. We don’t buy expensive clothes or jewelry, but we do like to hit the road at 4pm on most Friday’s. And that takes its toll on our savings account, or lack of.

So I came up with this list of all the things that stand in our way…

  1. Justifying Anything.

    We can write that off! This will actually save us money! Every camper has this but us! We will tighten up our budget after I buy this new camera I promise! 🤥

  2. Unexpected Repairs.

    Dishwasher breaks down, plumbing backs up in every bathtub and sink, the heater goes out on our car in the dead of winter, or the door falls off the fridge because one of your toddlers likes to hang from it.😳

  3. Emergencies.08B6377B-E413-4AEC-BB67-114EBB08CF7F

    Whether it is a repair emergency or family medical emergency their stressful! The last thing I worry about when dealing with an emergency is money. In fact money seems to be the one thing that helps ease the stress of all emergencies.

    Like last summer when Rio our Yorkie got sick, we spent a fortune at the Animal Hospital.
    Lately we’ve been very fortunate with family emergencies but you just never know when the next one will strike.

  4. Making Memories.

    This comes back to how I was raised. My parents always have lived for today, incase something happens tomorrow for whatever reason, we may not all be together. My parents have always made the best of our time with each other. So I’ve learned to place a higher value on family memories than say my savings account.🤫

  5. Budgeting Error.

    I try to be as accurate as I can when I make up our monthly budget. Occasionally, though I will forget to write in a check or a debit transaction doesn’t go through for a few days and I forget about it.

    My target card always seems to get me since it goes in a few days after the purchase date. Does this happen to anyone else with a Target debit or is it just me?

  6. Business Is Slow.

    It is hard to tighten up your budget when our income fluctuates as often as ours. Our biggest change in income is children leaving for Kindergarten or if a large family moves away in the winter. It’s hard to fill mid school year.

  7. Not Tracking Expenses Correctly.

    We have tried to go over our past bank statements so we know what we accurately spend on food, gas and entertainment. When Ryan and I first did this and realized how often we were eating out… gulp. 😲

  8. Impulse Buys.D9EB67D8-CD6A-4513-90C8-4378398A6BDD

    Sometimes when we are shopping for something if we can just walk away and get a cup of coffee, the impulse to buy it will lesson and we will pass on the purchase.🤑

  9. Holidays/Birthdays

    If you have a large family then you know how hard this one is on the finances. We have a few months of the year that are extra busy for us for spending. Like this month for example. We have 3 kids’ birthdays, a holiday, and a vacation every year. 🎂

  10. Camping Trips

    This is a camping blog, after all, so I can justify overspending on camping right? 🧐We do tend to overspend in the summer months because we know that summer will be over before we know it and we want to make the most of it!

This summer vacation’s budget was much better than last year. Sometimes after a big holiday or trip we will have maxed our credit cards or we’ve come home with no money in the bank. But we did pretty good this trip…

What about you? Are you good with your spending habits? What are your weaknesses with spending? Have a great Tuesday!


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  1. I’m afraid I am rather the opposite and I am really tight with my money. I hate spending it :O except for take-away pizza… that’s where we go wrong :’)

  2. Repairs are a big one for us, they say things come in threes and that has proven pretty accurate for us. This winter we had a leaky pipe, the fridge break and the car all in a week! We’ve had few other times like that, so as soon as one thing goes wrong we’re like “uh oh, what’s next…”.We also have busy months for family birthdays etc.,it is July and August for us. It’s definitely hard on the budget!

  3. My saving and budget is easy…it’s all 0…lol. I’d gladly swap unemployment life for the life I used to have. The one I should have been providing my son. Instead, here I sit budgeting my Mother’s money while she says to get her out of debt, use her money to make min payments on my things, buy food, take care of her house while she lives with her sister. She tells me to fix things around the house and take care of the lawn. She asks how much she has in her account then spends half of it. It’s her money though, so I can’t complain when I can’t buy what I need or what I want to eat. It’s her money and we take scraps. My son needs school fees, supplies, new glasses, gym clothes, school clothes, he’s a freshman in high school this year and I can’t buy him what he needs. Yeah, I would gladly accept anyone’s budget challenge over what I have. I just wish my mother wouldn’t have put her finances off on me so many years ago because she forgot how $1900 doesn’t go very far when you keep spending it.

    Sorry for the rant…realized he has nothing for school in 4 weeks last night…it’s going to be one of those days

    • Awe… being able to get kids ready for back to school should have made that list too! It is awful how much everything cost. I will think good thoughts for you today. Money can cause so much stress. 🤗🤗🤗

      • I don’t even know what all his class fees will be…just the $60 for textbook rental, $50 for yearbook, and Lord knows how much I will be spending this year on a tuxedo for orchestra since he’s only 13 and still grows like a weed. He tried on 4 pairs of jeans yesterday. Right now he’s a 29×32…that’s what I wear. Hate to think how many tux pants we will go through.

      • It’s not when you have $20 because your source of money wanted a new tablet because she liked her sister’s. To put this in perspective…my aunt has always been wealthy, has a reverse mortgage, and lives on stock dividends…my mother lives on social security and disability who never made more than $20k a year in her life. I know this because I have done her taxes since I was 12. I have handled her finances off and on most of my life because budgeting has always been hard for her. That put me in the bad guy position of saying she didn’t have it. I never wanted that position. My son knows little of our finances except we don’t have any. Yesterday he told his friend on the computer that he wished he could get a new computer except his mom was too lazy to get a job. Yeah, my life, but crap…I’m ranting again…sorry. I think I need to stay offline today…lol

      • It’s all good, it’s good to get your thoughts out. My biggest struggles are with my adult children, they don’t talk to me… so I get the ranting. I don’t mind listening… Life is hard sometimes. Hang in there… we all do the best we can, and that’s all we can do. Your son will appreciate you when he has his own kids and sees how hard it is. 😊

      • Ya… kids… smh 🤦‍♀️. Blogging is infinitely easier than raising kids.. is it? Although I can’t for the life of me think of a story about a monkey, a brick and April! 😂

  4. The idea of having a coffee to think about it is good Unless it’s shoes. If you can walk away from shoes you need therapy and that’s a bigger expense so buy the shoes and save!!
    Also, having cake with that coffee deadens any impulse to kill the hubby stopping you buy stuff.
    No wife has ever killed her husband while eating cake. This also justifies the expense of a second slice – think what you’re saving in lawyer fees and bail!
    How would you manage without my help ?!😂

  5. We like to live the way you do. My mom has always said, “You can’t take it with you,” so we enjoy life while we are here. I am a horrible enabler, but I think you should get the camera, Lana! ♥️

  6. Many of us are guilty in one way or another from the topics on your list. It’s so easy to get carried away. The one problem we can all agree on is emergencies. I’ve had some trouble with my legs for most of the year and at times it has dug into our savings. I’m on the mend, fingers crossed, so hopefully those concerns are behind us.

  7. in our family we tend to be a bit too disposable with our incomes. if we honestly look at some weeks its a little scary. Our combined income also fluctuates as my wife works casually and I get paid monthly. So some weeks we feel rich, others not so much. We never struggle for bills etc, but we could certainly have more money in the bank then we do. Budgeting is something we don’t do enough of

  8. I eatched my parents struggle with money, working 2 full jobs even to raise 3 kids. We came to America with nothing so it was a rough start. Needless to say I didn’t learn how to budget and be wise about money either. It’s never too late though so I keep on trying. Impulse buying when it’s on clearance gets me half the time and vacations. Getting better at it though. This post hits home. Haha.

    • I’m glad you can relate, and your so right! 😊It’s not too late to make better decisions… we have improved our impulse shopping and eating out! Even if it’s baby steps it’s all in the right direction!👍🏻 Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment!

  9. Great post..we are like you all last paycheck we spent over 200 bucks eating out…ugg..but hubby and I love to go try different places and we love to

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  11. For me the budget is the action plan, which has been transferred into money. If there will be surprises, which are not done by me, then I just plan how to pay them later, i.e. I take them into the next month`s budget.

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