Think twice before buying an Apple Watch!

My Birthday Present

Last November I bought myself my amazing husband🤣 bought me an Apple Watch at Costco for I believe it was $345, or very close to that. It was the latest model not with a phone service just WiFi. I work from home so that was plenty for me. 😊(Boy…Was I happy)

If anyone knows anything about me it’s that I am a 100% complete nerd. Not just a “lover of books” nerd, but A “gadgety nerd” too! 🤓 When the computer needs tweaking or we’re setting up new electronics in the house… I’m that guy! 😎

Nerdiness Is Next To Godliness

What I was super excited for in this Watch?  I wanted the big screen, to get text and notifications from parents while my hands are full working our preschool. And it worked awesome! For 7 months.

Last week while on vacation it quit working.😩I didn’t drop it, or remember anything happening to it and it looks absolutely normal.

Forward to Today

An awesome book blogger pal Jennifer, (she writes the most amazing book reviews) suggested I take it to an Apple Store since Costco only takes returns on them for 90 days. 😃I got excited! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that! By the way  if you like book blogs check out hers! They are amazing and super classy!  So ya… back to my Apple story…

Ryan takes it in for me.

Apperently their is a slight crack along the side of the screen, you can’t even see it, but you can barely feel it.😕 So I needed a new screen. Guess how much… $299!🤨

I’m Not Super Smart, But I’m not THAT dumb either!

Not for a second did I even consider repairing the screen for $300! Two other options sound much more appealing…

  1. I could go into Costco and buy the same exact thing brand new for $45 more. With a new battery and everything!
  2. I could go back to a Fitbit, and get a Fitbit Versa that has roughly the same size screen and gets phone notifications too for $199. 🤔 And if this breaks I can replace it for still no more than $199.

Don’t make my mistake

I share this story with you all so you don’t get sucked into an Apple Watch like I did. And trust me, I love Apple products! The other thing about a Fitbit vs an Apple Watch, I missed my Fitbit buddies to keep me motivated.

Ok, so that’s my rant for today.. Prime Day hopefully will give me a good deal because I have no idea how many steps I’ve been walking and it’s driving me crazy!🤪

Wednesday is date night! Woohoo! Have a great night friends…


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  1. Looks like you changed something with your blog some how. To read your post I had to visit your page and that only works when I am home on computer. Is this something you did or is it something WordPress did?

    • I don’t blame you… too spendy! I am using the newest IPad Pro with the most memory and it flipping locks up on me all the dang time! It’s not even a year old! If I have to replace my stuff every year it needs to be CHEAPER than Apple! 🤑🤨

  2. Thanks for your advice! Too late for me I bought mine a few months ago. I bought the 1st generation for $199 and it is all the technology I need. I just pray it lasts at least a couple of years!

  3. I am an Apple fan for sure. Got my college daughter the one with phone service on a flash sale for $240 and it is the best!!

  4. My husband has been promising to buy me an apple watch. Not because I want one but because he wants one. Haha. He usually gets me all my tech stuff. I’m not going to lie, they are nice but I am like one of the least techy person he knows but I get them always as gifts and not use all the benefits the price calls for. I do have a fitbit and it’s what I use for my steps. I’m sure it has other features, but I just need to know my step count, and maybe once in a while get a heart rate count. I have, however, been able to use my Fitibit to earn some cash just for walking. So that’s a plus. Haha.

    I love your site and thank you so much for following me. I have a glamping vacation coming up. Can’t wait for the family bonding and bonfires and sunsets. Your pictures looks great. Have a great day.

    • Thank you! The Fitbit will be good enough for me too! Yay! For a glamping vacay! My favorite kind of camping! Hope to see some posts of your trip! 😁 Happy Thursday!

      • Yes, glamping is the one way for me. I have tried regular tent camping, whilst pregnant with my 1st child! Was not meant for me. Haha.

      • That must have been rough! Ugh..I love to read about backpacking adventures and hiking in to your campsite and all that… but I will take the RV site in a family RV park with my book by the pool… that’s adventure for me! 😎

      • My mom has an RV. I have tried glamping with it and I must say, very convenient. I just don’t like having to dump the “trash”. haha. I do love hiking but have not done so recently. Shenandoah is my fave place to go for a decent hike.

  5. Ugh! I’m so sorry, Lana! You are making me happy I’ve never bought an Apple Watch! I’ve always been so attached to my fitbits! I hope you can get a Versa! Fitbit was running a sale this week I thought??

  6. My wife’s sister got a new Apple Watch a couple years ago, and gave her old one to my wife. My wife wore it for a bit, and decided she didn’t like it. Said it was too heavy. We both wear Fitbit Altas. All they do is track steps, sleep, and show who is texting or calling. And time. That’s plenty for us. And they are $99.

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