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Caraval by Stephanie Garber




Fantasy, Adventure, Magic, YA


Caraval is an intriguing, magical event that takes place once a year. It’s a mysterious and maddening game of magic and theater played out over five days, that will test you.

The story begins on the Isle of Trista. Two sisters, Scarlett and Donatella are trying to escape the control of their powerful father that governs their island.

Through correspondence with Caraval’s Master creator, Legend, the two sisters are invited to the game days before Scarlett is promised to an arranged marriage.

Once they get to the island the game begins…

Scarlett and Tella are separated and Scarlett will have to search everywhere and solve the riddles in the game to find her. To win the prize of one wish she must be the first person to find Donatella. Scarlett doesn’t know what in this game is real or just for the show, or even if her sister is ok!

She arrives with a sailor named Julian. A man she knows nothing about, whom she is reluctant to trust(rightly so, they’ve only just met). But there is something about him that leaves her feeling uneasy and excited at the same time. As she begins to fall for Julian she is torn between what is real in the game, who she can trust and what to do about her wedding that’s days away.

In the midst of all that’s going on, the sister’s controlling father finds them on the island and has plans of taking them back home, by force if necessary.

With all the events that seem to be constantly changing, Scarlett has to fight hard to keep things straight and make it out of Caraval alive. It takes till the last page of the book to know who will make it out alive, who will find true love and who was merely acting the part.

Remember, it’s only a game…


I enjoyed this fast moving story, yet I will admit at times I was a little confused and wasn’t entirely sure what was real or not. Even up to the end of the book.

I liked the dynamics of the two sisters. Scarlett who couldn’t let her hair down for a second, and a sister that would throw caution to the wind at the drop of a hat! If I was Scarlett I would lose my patience with that!

Following along Scarlett’s quest to win the game of Caraval it a puzzle for me to solve too. I found myself wondering is this real right now or part of the game? Was her dad really there, or were they performers? And who really is Legend?

The sequel to Caraval is Legendary and even though I am not a huge fan of most sequels, I do plan to read it. If your in search of a light, fun and magical read, you can’t go wrong with this YA series. If nothing else, it will keep you guessing!

Have you read Caraval or Legendary? What was your take on it? I’d love to hear if you were a bit lost in the story like I was..

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Reading everyone!


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  1. Great review! This sounds super intriguing – I’ll definitely have to give it a read, since it reminds me a bit of The Night Circus (my favourite book)

  2. This is such a beautiful review, Lana! I love your formatting. I haven’t read this book, but I do have it on my Kindle. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it overall and hope you had a good day today!

    • Thank you Jennifer…it was a bit hectic for preschool today, but the evening has been nice. I hope you’ve had a lovely evening too! I interviewed a new family this evening that will start in 2 weeks so that always feels good! 🎉
      Im sure after I do a few more reviews… I’ll get a layout that feels good. Still finding my way. Lol

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