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What Are Your Weekend Plans?

Thursday is weekend planning day!

Ryan and I usually walk through our day dreaming of what we want to do for the weekend all Thursday. 🤔 It’s the weekend eve after all! Unless we already have reservations, in which case then we start our packing lists.

A stay home weekend

We haven’t decided for sure what we are doing yet. Camping is out because our RV is in the shop for the 3rd time in 6 weeks! 😳They keep fixing our furnace and every time we go to use it the fan comes on but the furnace won’t light. Thankfully we’ve been bringing a little portable heater.

Oregon Country Fair

This weekend in Eugene is the Oregon Country Fair. It brings in a lot of people(40,000)! A total hippie fest! We are debating whether to go, and the debate will surly continue today.

My thought is, we haven’t been in so long, we should probably go just to check it out.C7513FDD-CB6D-40AB-8C0C-0333928D1927

The downside to going is it’s expensive to get in, about $40 per person, and it’s going to be hot, in the 90’s. I am also not sure about parking, we may need to take a shuttle out there.

Id like to go just for the people watching and it seems like it could make a fun blog topic, so we’ll see…

Ryan needs his surfing fix!

Ryan usually tries to go surfing at least every few weeks. If it’s a light day in our preschool he will sneak away for half the day, giving me the afternoon off to go to the library or bookstore. But he hasn’t been surfing in about a month, so that’s on his list!

Sunday’s concert in the park

I love outdoor family concerts in the summer! Satin Love Orchestra is a local band that plays disco, yes I love disco!😎 They show up in a limo decked out in butterfly collars, bell bottoms and platform shoes! It’s one of my favorite summer events, in part because my entire family goes and picnics for the day.

Ryan is less than thrilled over disco music, so this may be his chance to ditch me and go surfing for a few hours… another topic up for debate today.

International Skinny Dipping Day?

On a side note, this is always an option in Oregon this Saturday. Our state newspaper, The Oregonian lists 12 places around the state to go skinny dipping! Oh boy!🧐

What about your plans?

Do you have something special going on this weekend? Or maybe some projects planned?

Sometimes I just need an entire weekend to relax with no expectations or plans on the calendar. Some months, I swear it’s as if their are commitments every weekend, birthday parties, sleepovers, sporting events, preschool interviews… 🤯

What are your plans? Is it scorching hot where you are?

Have a great Thursday everyone!


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  1. My plan is to sit in an AC room listening to my son play with his friends on the computer, finish Reflected Echo, and wish I could earn $$ so I could actually have a life an do something on the weekend 🙂

  2. We’ve been tackling home projects for the parents, so our time has been scarce for other plans. It has been a bit soul cleansing, but also time consuming and frustrating at times. No outings scheduled at the moment for us, unfortunately! Severely missing the outdoors, so be sure to think of us if you guys get out there! 🙂

  3. Always lots that needs to be done around the farm. What we do will depend on if we get some much needed rain or not. I’m sure we will at some point take a dip in the pond (with or without suits? I’ll never tell 😉 )

  4. I like your blog! We are also staying home to rest. It is a lot of work going camping almost every weekend. Since you mentioned it, Skinny Dipping would be a good way to cool off, but instead, Dad and I will be going to lavender farms take pictures. Love ❤️ mom

  5. I’m looking forward to hearing what you decide, Lana! Lots of good options!!! I loved the emoji you used for skinny dipping. I don’t think I’ve noticed him before. 😂 We’ll just be doing our usual cleaning, gardening stuff that we catch up on on the weekends! My husband has to work, so I’ll have my hands full!

  6. I take care of my elderly father so it depends on what I need to do for him.
    I do have a Meetup planned to teach people about residual income on Saturday.

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