Homemade Popsicles for Summer

I can’t find the blog…

I saw this super fun idea on a foody or DIY blog post and would love to give them credit for it, but I simply can not find the blog I saw it on.

I found them on Amazon

I ordered these freezer pop kits on Amazon for $8.99 each set of 6. They are sturdier and a bit thicker plastic than the cheapy ones at the supermarket. I am sure you can find something similar at many different department stores. For me it is just easier to order something since we work so much.

Lots of fun ideas

Aside from making the gummy bears with Sprite, there are a number of healthier and fun fruity ideas online as well. I think my next batch will be Sprite again but with gummy sharks to bring in Shark Week. We love to do a week’s Shark theme for our preschool when Discovery hosts shark week. I believe it is in about a week.

The kids were all able to help count out gummy’s and also help pour with the funnels that came with the sets. They do take several hours to be completely frozen, just to warn you. We kept checking on them and it was longer than I anticipated. But then again, we were anxious!


Great for a counting activity, kids counted their gummy’s and picked out their own colors.

I can’t wait to make a different batch! I am tempted to make some for me…🤔

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