Oregon coast

Depoe Bay 🐳 July 14,2018

First day with our new camera

If you missed my earlier post you can find it here.

We spent the afternoon on the Oregon Coast photographing the Gray Whales on their trip North.


We saw dozens of spouts throughout the day, anyone that was on the beach was able to see a whale. Getting the shot was a little trickier, but I managed to get a few.


Otter Rock


This is the cove the mother was feeding her calf.


Mom and calf, they swam this close just about every time they came up for breathe. Very protective Momma..💗

This was just South of Depoe Bay, many artists were painting on their canvases. How they managed to do this in the wind was impressive.


I loved this!💗


My guess is that this is a pregnant momma, she is much wider than the rest. 💗


We will be off again to the coast for the day! I hope we get lucky with whales again…

What type of wildlife do you look forward to spotting in your area?

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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  1. I love whale watching, and your photos are amazing!!!!! My favorite is the mama swimming close to her calf! And the scenery! Wow, what a beautiful place to live. I hope you see some more today, Lana! 🐋 🐳

    • Thanks Jennifer! Me too! The mom with her baby was so fun to watch!
      The surf cams look pretty foggy over there this morning, but hopefully it will burn off! Have a wonderful Sunday! ☀️

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