Oh My Gosh!!! I am sooo excited!!

Well… we finally did it! We got the new camera!

53222E71-4A4A-4EC9-916B-A199A5CE74A2Ryan and I picked up our new camera this morning at Target. We purchased a Canon Rebel T6 kit(super affordable). I wanted to wait for Prime Day but I couldn’t! It came with two lenses and a bag. I was so excited to turn it on, but soon realized I needed to charge it for a 2 hours first!🤨


While it was charging I convinced Ryan we needed to take some pictures! So while the battery charged we packed up for a day at the beach! By 10:30 am we were on the highway to Newport!

Who Knew…

Everyone was going to be in Newport! Traffic was pretty insane, since the valley is 95′ and the beach is 65′. But it was so worth it when we got to my favorite coastal town, Depoe Bay! (Depoe Bay is famous for Gray Whales).

This is the time of year that mother’s are taking their babies up to feed from Baha Mexico to Alaska. The mother’s will stop over in Depoe Bay feeding on a type of shrimp.

But before I talk about whales…

My first photo…

Here is my very first photo!! 🧐If you can’t make it out.. it is a seagull. It took me a few tries to figure out what the heck I was doing. I will admit all day Ryan prompted me to take the cover off the lens. 😳But just wait, it gets way better.. I am so excited!!!!


This white blob is a seagull.

So here is just a few…

I will post a few photos and follow up with a whale blog tomorrow when I am not so exhausted, it is way past my bedtime right now!


I adore this photo, you can see their barnacles and all their spots, even their blow hole.


Momma and calf feeding in a cove. 💗💗💗

I can not tell you how much I love watching whales! It is one of my favorite things. I’ve been photographing them for the past fifteen years, but never with a zoom lens! 🤩

Today I was in heaven! 💗

I will post more tomorrow…

Happy Sunday everyone! Off to dream about whales, have a great morning!


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  1. I’m excited for you! New cameras are the best and whales to photograph! I remember our first trip when my kids were very little. My son got sea sick, poor baby!

    • It is both! They are really close and the zoom was super forgiving… at first I took pictures of them and the whales weren’t even in the frame. Lol I couldn’t aim at all! Lol

  2. Literally gasping!!!!! How did you get that great photo right away !!!!!!!
    Ok most of mine are the blob of bird and that is why i take so many so that at least some are good out of them. How funny i have like one second of a bird and say what why is it black?? Yep lens cap on!!!

    • I got lucky… the basics I got down, I just don’t know anything about lighting and exposure and all that. I’m thinking of searching youtube to figure it out… 😂 that darn lens… lol

  3. Congrats on the camera! You will love it!. When we were in Alaska our whale watching guide told us to use a shutter speed of 1/1000 and continuous shooting. That shutter speed is really fast and it won’t work in low light (although you could increase the aperture and ISO sensitivity a bit). If that is all Greek to you let me know and I’ll find you some helpful links.

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